October 18th, 2011

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Updated sales post

28 Hetalia Doujinshi
Pairings include:
America+England+Japan (threesome) x3
America/England x9
America/Japan x1
England/America x2
England/Japan x5
England/Spain x4
France/England x2
Greece/Japan x1
Prussia/Germany x1

1 multi plate:
Hetalia Axis Powers Multi Plate Collection Vol. 5 - No. 15 Prussia (Oresama)

Click here to see Hetalia sales post!

FREE cards/post cards now available with a purchase worth $25 (shipping price included) or with the purchase of two doujinshi!
All post cards are Hetalia post cards, but the offer is not limited to just Hetalia merchandise. Too see non-Hetalia Doujinshi and DVDs simply follow the link provided in the Hetalia post.
spamano scarf

[Fanfic] Night

Title: Night
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Spain/Romano
Rating: T for Lovino's mouth
Summary: "Tonight is a night for love and affection"
Warnings: Illegal amounts of fluff, Lovino's beautiful mouth, the abuse of marshmallows, and blanket-bashing, light kissing. 
Note: First time posting to community (so if I've done something wrong, tell me ; w ; ) Human AU. Pure fluff.

(Tonight is a night for love and affection)

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Hetalia merchandise: Gashapon Stamps

No idea if this is allowed. I read around and still am not certain. Delete if I am wrong.

On receiving the catalogue from J-List, I saw they were selling sets of Gashapon style Hetalia Stamps. I'd never seen these before, so I'm putting up the link in case anyone wants to get them. So cute... but expensive. Click on the image to go to J-List!