October 23rd, 2011


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The universe has always been a game of balance, as is evident in all the paradoxical occurrences and antagonisms that are present yet subtle in life. Humans know this, whole masses of nations know this, and it would only make sense for human nation personifications to know this… but to what extent they do know this is questionable. It’s always been seen, the black and white, the earth and sky, the hate and love… but what’s forgotten is the simplest contrast of all: the female and the male.

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Hetalia day SG 2011 review?

Hm...I'm unsure if this is allowed... But since I am able to post my review on the Hetalia movie screening in singapore and Hetalia movie review before... maybe...
So yes... I went to Hetalia day in my country today and is here to review ^_^
I posted my review with photos and videos in my journal here...

Just wanted to share my feelings and thoughts on it with everyone and maybe see who went and is from livejournal too XD!!
If anyone is curious, I'm the girl with long black hair wearing a black T-shirt with the words "Disneyland Paris" (you won't see me in the photos I've posted cause I'm the one holding the camera and taking photos so.... ^^')
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2011 France/Canada Gift-a-Thon

Hey there, everyone! It's time for the annual France/Canada Gift-a-thon! It's a lot like the fluff-a-thon, or other fanwork-a-thons, where prompts are submitted, complied into a big post, and then people are able to pick and choose what they'd like to write/draw. It's a lot more flexable than exchanges, and even if you aren't sure you'll be able to write/draw something, you can still submit prompts.

Click the picture to get to the submitting post. The more the merrier, after all!

Sales & Order for Toranoana/K-Books!

Lots for sale and also doing an order for Toranoana/K-Books at the moment!

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[rp ad] War & Peace historical rp!

Interested in history but want a laidback atmosphere where you can play out historical events that you are crazy about? Well, look no more!


With the change in lifestyle (with school starting and people starting new jobs), a lot of positions have opened up. We are looking for people who love history and are interested in meeting others who are the same to rp historical events. Though it is a historical site, the atmosphere is light-hearted and we leave a lot of things up to interpretation. We hope to see you there!