October 27th, 2011

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puolukka II [RAW]

puolukka II
Circle: Paorupao
Language: Japanese
Pairing/Characters: Sweden/Finland, with appearance from other Nordics.
Rating: PG-13
Pages: 64 + Cover
Warnings: Safe
Summary: Modern day!Finland and Medieval time!Finland accidentally switch places with each other because of some mysterious power from the shooting star. In this second part, the story is mostly consisting of Modern day!Finland trying to help solving the communication problem which has occured between his younger self and Medieval time!Sweden by giving the latter advice regarding his own feeling and asking him to try to trust Medieval!Finland.
Download:  RAR ZIP
First Part: puolukka I 

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My first time scanning and sharing stuff here. Let me know if you guys encounter any problems. I do really hope that you guys will enjoy it!
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Sahara Skies [An AU Desert Steampunk/Hetalia RP]

Welcome to the desert city of Aldmoor, a haven of technology within the sands.

It is the late 1800s, in an alternate Victorian era, and the world is advancing swiftly in technology. Steam-powered trains cover the land, automobiles are in development, and people have made flying machines! There are countless new and seemingly steam-powered items popping up on the market, objects that defy imagination. It is a fantastic time to be alive, watching technology pop up and then being able to utilize it soon after.

The town of Aldmoor, while being far away from England and North America, is embracing this swiftly changing world. It has flourished as a port town, thriving on trade. Airships and boats come from all around the world to trade here, bring all the latest new gadgets and strange foods. Of course, this also has attracted a large, seedy underbelly of smugglers and pirates. Despite this roughness, Aldmoor is still considered a paradise outside of smoggy cities with their factories and away from silly European wars. Tourists flock, criminals hide, the elderly relax in the searing heat. Everyday the city continues to grow, people fleeing prejudice, cities, family, war, their pasts, or just simply looking for a change of scenery.

Now then, what brought you here?

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Hetalia FreeRice Group

After hearing about the donations from Hetalia Day, I wondered if we could do any other charitable efforts as a fandom.
(I don't think this really needs a cut...)
I've created a Hetalia group on FreeRice. It's a quiz game where every correct answer gives a few grains of rice. If you log in, join the group, and select to play for it, your donations will be counted towards the group. It would be really cool if we could donate a lot of rice.

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A Sleeping Beuty tale

Title: Törnrosa: The Sleeping Beuty
Characters/Pairing: Sweden/Finland, DenNor, UsaUK, PruHun, France/Canada, Spamano and some hinted AleIta
Rating: K
Warnings: Fluff, hinted m-preg
Summary: Bassed on Disney movie with some minor changes. In which a little prince is victim of an evil curse and in exchange receives some unusual gifts, the fairy-godparentes totally fail at raising children, the evil witch just wants attention and true love prevails.

A/N: First thing ever being submitted here. Don't know how to use the LJ-cut (tried but failed). If you find any grammatical mistakes please tell me, since I didn't have a beta for this and english is not my main language.