November 2nd, 2011


puolukka I [RAW]

Title: puolukka I
Circle: Paorupao
Language: Japanese
Pairing/Characters: Sweden/Finland.
Rating: PG-13
Pages: 40 + Cover
Warnings: Safe
Summary: Modern day!Finland and Medieval time!Finland accidentally switch places with each other thanks to a mysterious power from the shooting star. In this first part, the story is consisting of how Medieval time!Finland, with the word of advices from Modern time!Sweden, learns to know Medieval time!Sweden's feeling and the true reasoning behind his actions, which had led to some communication problems between them. 
Download:  RAR ZIP
Second Part: puolukka II

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Feel free to share, translate or post them somewhere else. But please do link back here to the community and never claim them as your own art, work or scans.  Let me know if you guys ever encounter any problems.

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APH Fanfics Missing?

It seems like a lot of Hetalia fanfics have been disappearing from lately... There were several I KNOW that I favorited or left critiques on, and yet they're just plain GONE!

I couldn't remember the titles on most of them, so I can't give too many examples. There are definitely two that I found out were gone though, one a crack-fic and the other a serious GerIta story (both were only just starting so I can't give much more details)

But then what hit me hard was trying to find a good one that the Halloween event reminded me of: "From the City". It's an AU fic about Ludwig buying slave Feliciano so he can set him free, but first they have a tough journey to go through to get to Ludwig's hometown.

It's just such a neat, nice story. And... it's gone!

Here's where it USED to be...

I can't even see the author name from there, and it's gone from my favorites. There's NO reason it should suddenly be gone... I even tried using on it, but it said it couldn't crawl the page due to robots.txt, whatever that means.

Does anyone have a copy of it, or know where else it may be posted? Why it was taken down? Anything? @_@ I wanted to share it with everyone while we wait on updates, but... ;_;

Anyone else noticing these disappearances? Is it a big problem?

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Bunch of newly added items!
Just got my huge package of Anikujis!

2 Russia x Prussia, all by Love Potion no.9
3 USUK by Ricomil and Cotori Teikoku
1 Akuyuu by Weeweewee

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Looking for Arte Stella!
If you have the artbook and willing to sell, please tell me :) I'm not 100% sure if I'll be able to get due to my current situation but I'll love to know if you have it for sale :)


Hetalia Doujinshi Up for SALE (UKJP) (asakiku)

Hello everyone!

UKJP/asakiku doujinshi up for sale~ (ALL of these DOUJINSHI listed are OUT OF STOCK at Toranoana website- so please, be nice to them =) )

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APH hetalia B5 Japanese shounen-ai doujinshi -ほしのものぐらむ- 朝菊
bid: $13.00 buy it now: $15.00

APH hetalia B5 Japanese bl doujinshi-ラフコピ再録本のカバーE.T.D
bid: $7.00 buy it now: $12.00

APH hetalia B5 Japanese shounen-ai doujinshi-sasa-no-ha

この世に俺とお前しかいなかったらやることは一つだろ。 BRAND NEW!!!! 

----------------------not yet listed on ebay------------------------------------

APH hetalia B5 Japanese shounen-ai doujinshi-樂園Tetramix 
(so  sorry I suck at taking pictures... ;_;)

NOTE: if you buy it from me directly it will be the BIDDING PRICE  (if the item is still available) 

NOTE: here is a note: if you decided to buy through ebay everything will follow ebay procedures(as listed), you have a second option of buying directly from me(through Paypal), which will give you some discounts. 

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In addition, I will have more and more doujinshi for sell once I start cleaning things up =) please leave any comments if you have questions (or contact me via messages)
Candy Store

(Translation) Gakuen☆Fiesta

Collapse )

Parts may be a bit different than what it looks like.  (And now, because I promised) I give credit to my friend, who translated all of this (since I could never find a good enough translation for this.)  If you want to contact her, please tell me so I can go and tell her.
[DEFAULT] Copyright Infringement!

[RP ad] Hetatweet ☆ LJ to Twitter RP community


Welcome to  hetatweet, a Hetalia-centric RP community which combines Livejournal with Twitter in order to create a friendly, tight knit community in which we can combine roleplaying, and real time interaction between players.

Basically, all roleplaying is done on Twitter instead of Livejournal or a forum, and everything else (updates, introductions, applications, etc.) will be done on Livejournal. Twitter is a great way for people who have never rp'd before to get some experience as most of the replies tend to be short. If you've never used Twitter before, we're happy to help new players get used to the platform.

We've got a lots of spots that need to be filled. In particular, we're looking for a lot of characters
(especially Italy, France, America, Latvia, and Estonia)
and we even have some Axis, and a couple of allies available (the rest of the list is here and the application is here).

Currently we're in the middle of a Mythical Creatures Event and we always welcome suggestions on future events that our members would like to see! 
Open Characters | Rules | LJ Comm | Application

miss canada

[Fanfiction] - Surviving Halloween: Chapter 2

Title: Surviving Halloween
Author: Tatsumaki-sama
Characters: [in this chapter] Sealand, Sweden and Finland
Rating: K+ (each chapter may have a different rating)
Warnings: None
Summary: Where ghouls and monsters learn the rules for how to survive Halloween against the nations.
Chapter Summary: A young boy alone in the woods was easy prey. Right?

The boy paused, sensing something behind him.
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Bombing of Britain [2/?] - Escape

Originally posted by taggedy at Bombing of Britain [2/?] - Escape

Sorry it took so long D:, I've started university and all the organisation and moving and getting internet where all factors. Its actually been sat on my pc for ages.

America didn't expect he'd see Arthur again until after the war, soldiers escaping capture was rare, but when he visits Matthew again, he's there and Alfred gets quite the insight.
Please note im still getting used to all this LJ posting.

Chpt 2 -

Chpt 1 -
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Redo-A Prequel to Divergence

I guess this means I'm deannoning myself again.

Title: Redo
Author: idraax(me XD)
Characters: Italy, Japan and Germany(mentioned)
Pairings: I guess you could read it as GerIta
Rating: T
Warnings: Character Death
Summary: After Germany's funeral, Italy makes a promise.
Notes: This is set before Divergence. I don't think you have to read Divergence to understand it, but if you decide to, please, please read the fic information first.

Leaves the link and goes back under her rock.