November 4th, 2011


Of doomed doctors and cursed kings. {fanart}

Happy late Halloween, everybody!

Title: Plagues and Prophecies
Artist: naturethezafara | Me
Characters: Tino Väinämöinen (Finland) and Heracles Karpusi (Greece)
Rating: K+ (someone's eyes are "bleeding")
Warnings: Inaccuracies (both unintended and intentional), lack of colors. The costumes don't agree with the canon 2011 Halloween event (this was drawn before it started).
Summary: Tino as a redesigned/modernized/adulterized plague doctor and Heracles as Oedipus of Oedipus Rex.

This is posted on dA as well. Here.

( Unfortunately, you can't cure destiny. )

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warden awwright

Hetalia auf Deutsch!

Only two days ago or so, I mentioned the possibility of it in a comment, and now it's already official!

Tokyopop Germany officially announces Hetalia for their 2012 lineup!

Quote from the newsletter:

    Hetalia kommt!
    Viele warten schon gespannt auf diese Nachricht. Wir wurden regelrecht belagert. Unzählige Zuschriften und Anfragen haben uns erreicht, mit der Bitte, Hetalia auf deutsch zu bringen. Jetzt können wir es endlich offiziell bestätigen: Hetalia kommt! In 2012 ist es so weit, der erste Band erscheint in deutscher Sprache.

*does the Schuhplattler*

and to justify this post to all those who couldn't care less about the German release:

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[fanfic] Noise- Chapter 2

Title: Noise
Rating: T

Summary: Some stories can get quite complicated. Especially when they involve crime families, plots to take over the world, and immortality. Time can't erase hate, nor can it erase love, and a life of crime can last forever.  England V.S. China AU
(Main) Characters: England, China, Japan, Canada, Korea, America, Russia
Pairings: Brotherly USUK, Brotherly NiChu, 
Not a 'romance' story. The love in it is mostly family or brotherly love. Pairings may pop up, but they're not instrumental. Giving away pairings might give away plot, so I'm not saying much about them.
Warnings: Violence, mature subject matter, graphic scenes and painful situations throughout the fic. 

Chapter 2: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...Or rather, 90 years ago, in Japan....

LJ- Part 1

        Part 2 "It wasn't by chance that I met you. This is what they call fate." 

[doujinshi : RAW] OJAMASIMASU

Circle: 海星
Rating: G
Language: Japanese
Summary: This contains a bunch of Romania centric comics. There are guest appearances from numerous characters, including and not limited to Prussia, Germany, Hungary, Austria, and Veneziano. Also contains a scan of a Hungary card that was included with it.

>> Download Here! <<

This is my first time scanning a doujin so I hope I did this right. I thought that this community needed more fun Romania things! Please enjoy it!