November 5th, 2011


Hetaween songs 2

Here is another list of Hetaween songs. There's only four: Hetaween (based off Halloween), Hetalia Will Make a Fan Out of You (based off I'll Make a Man Out of You, song from Mulan), Gotta Troll 'Em All (based off Gotta Catch 'Em All, first Pokemon theme song), and Hetanade (based off Grenade, by Bruno Mars)

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[Fanfiction] A Garden of Decaying Flowers [2.13/7]

Title: A Garden of Decaying Flowers

Part 2.13: A Fleeting Triumph (part 1)

Pairings/characters: in this chapter: America, Austria, allusions to AmericaxEngland
Genre: Angst/Drama/Romance
Rating: in this chapter: PG, overall: PG-13
Warnings: AU, deviations from canon characterisation, AmericaxHarem, eventual mpreg.
Summary of this chapter: Alfred and Roderich had a conversation by Francis' grave.

Summary of the verse:
AU. AmericaxHarem. His Majesty has a lot of flowers in His harem. Most of them fight for his affections, save a select few. The Peony does not care enough for His Majesty, the Chamomile is secure in his position, the Rue is too skittish, the Chrysanthemum tries to maintain peace, and the beloved Rose is reclusive. Politics and drama ensue.

Link to the chapter: "There is not much time to waste."

The rest of the verse can be found here

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Bunch of newly added items!
Just got my huge package of Anikujis!

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1 Akuyuu by Weeweewee

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