November 8th, 2011


[fics] Watching Cartoons Again (Tony, U.S., Russia)

Title: Watching Cartoons Again
Author: Me
Characters: Tony, U.S., Russia, Canada, U.K., Belarus
Pairing: None except in Tony's mind.
Rating: PG-13 due to Tony's filthy mouth being censored and Tony's a little pervert.
Warnings: Tony still acts like a gigantic jerk to Russia... and also U.K. and Canada because they're there.
Summary: (Sequel to Watching Cartoons.) Tony has been grounded for being a delusional jerk last time Russia came over... but he wasn't defeated! Russia has to pay! (Humor. Second part in a planned 3-part series.)

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Title: The Most Boring FrUK Story In the World
Author: Me
Characters: France, U.K.
Pairing: Too short to have any now that I think about it.
Rating: Too short to have a rating.
Warnings: I wanted to make the shortest FrUK story in the world just for fun and somehow it tied into my other fic.
Summary: (Mini-sequel to Watching Cartoons Again.) U.K. doesn't want to go to U.S.'s stupid cartoon sleepover with Russia anyway, he will have his own *better* sleepover! This summary is almost half as long as the fic.

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CMV weekend!

(not sure if this is the right plase to post or not...)

Hey everyone! This post is specifically for any cosplayers in COLORADO. 

So essentially my friends and I cosplay but we are all very shy. :(  We would like to make CMVs but don't have the people or cosplays.
What I would like to do is do a CMV weekend. In other words anyone whos interested would get all their gear and awesome stuff together and we would all spend the weekend somewhere and try to shoot as many CMVs or videos as we can! Sounds fun, no? XD
This would probably not be till January or later because college is a pain, but that gives us time to prepare! ^_^ 
Of course everyone gets a say in what we film, I just want to film stuff and show off our awesome! If you're interested please message me! 


Some of you may remember World Parade, a Hetalia fan magazine that discontinued this past summer. However, a new magazine is expected to take its place...

The Circle is an up and coming fanzine that will focus on history, politics, and the fandom's interaction with both. It captures Hetali's essence-- taking history and affairs to a more familiar, personal level while being informative and fun, with each issue expected to have a historical theme that is relevant to the fandom.

But The Circle will not be possible without the help of many dedicated, talented fans.  If you're interested in taking part in this enriching experience, please read on for more details. PM me your application when complete.

• Prerequisites for all positions :

- Use MSN/Windows Live Messenger actively or be willing to download it
- Free time, diligence,commitment
Collapse )

• Major Positions:

Collapse )

• Minor Positions (just as important):

- Writers
- Designers
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Thank you for showing interest in The Circle! There is no due date for the applications but I would like them as soon as possible, as I want to have the first issue completed some time in December. Once you PM the application to me, expect a prompt response whether you were accepted or not.


[Fanfiction] - Surviving Halloween: Chapter 3

Title: Surviving Halloween
Author: Tatsumaki-sama
Characters: [in this chapter] Russia, Belarus and Ukraine
Rating: K+ (each chapter may have a different rating)
Warnings: None
Summary: Where ghouls and monsters learn the rules for how to survive Halloween against the nations.
Chapter Summary: It's always the nice ones that you have to look out for.

The two girls were distracted and the man was a delicious meal waiting to be consumed.

Native babies [APH]

[Fanfiction] Blackbird

Title: Blackbird
Rating: PG
Warnings: teeth-rotting fluff
Characters/Pairings: Iceland and Liechtenstein; IceLiech
Summary: No one noticed her. Everyone ignored him. They found wonder in each other.
Notes: Kink meme de-anon (again!). This one was a "first kiss" prompt that already had two fantastic fills, but I was suddenly struck with this plot. Basically, Iceland and Liechtenstein forming a relationship in a ridiculously adorable way.

( You, it said underneath the bow. Me, it said underneath the other. )