November 9th, 2011

[RP ad] Hetalia Daily (A Plurk RP)

Hetalia Daily

Monday was just another normal day for the nations of the world. Tuesday, however, was a completely different story. As soon as the countries awoke, they found themselves sleeping next to someone who looked suspiciously like them... only, they were of the opposite gender. No one knew what happened or who was responsible for this - or if there was anyone responsible at all -, but the point was that the nations now had to co-exist with their counterparts.

(Or did they?)

Hetalia Daily is a new canon RP, set during modern times. As we've just opened, nearly every character is still open for grabs! As gender bends do exist in this RP, there will be a male and a female representing each nation. RPs are to be carried out over in Plurk. Check out the How To post in order to find out how you can create a Plurk account, and start RPing!

Currently, our members are requesting the following characters that are open: Prussia, America, France, England, Italy, Germany, China, Australia, Nordics, Sealand, fem!Nordics, fem!Italy, fem!Prussia. All other applicants are very welcome too though!

Character List || Application || Plot || Rules || How To Use Plurk

[SELLING] Arte Stella and Rubber Straps

In a bit of a bind and need to sell fast. I've got an Arte Stella, never opened; I'm asking (USD) $200.00 or best offer. I also have the first, second and third series of rubber straps. The first series straps are without boxes but still in the original plastic, the second series straps have been opened but otherwise left untouched, the third series box has never been opened. Make me an offer on individual straps. Everything is in perfect condition and I'm trying to get pics to prove it.

Payment accepted through Paypal only. I'll be shipping from Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. I'd like to ship on Saturday, if possible.


Because no one did it. ;o;


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Gender & age:
Favorite Hetalia characters:
Favorite Hetalia pairings:
What did you like most about Hetaween? And why?:
Who do you think should have won the costume contest?:
How much sleep/social life(if you have one ([∂]ω[∂])) did you lose during the event?:
Your hobbies/other fandoms?:
GRANDMANO VS MOCHI!STEVE. Who do you think will win?!:
Any other way of contacting you?(tumblr, youtube, dA... etc.):
Anything else?:

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I posted Redo, before I posted this. XD

Title: Divergence
Author: Me
Characters: Germany, Italy
Pairings: You could see it as implied GerIta
Rating: Pg-13
Warnings: As I based it off of the Italy/Germany - Rape Recovery and Hurt/Comfort request from the kink meme, I guess implied rape
Summary: Something bad happens to Germany and Italy, unable to deal with it, runs away.
Additional notes: This didn't fit the request because I think I left it open ended enough for interpretation.


haruhi, suzumiya

[Fanmix] Jedem das Seine; mir das Meiste - An Instrumental Prussia FST

Title: Jedem das Seine; mir das Meiste (To each his own; to me the most)
Compiled by: blood_kirsche
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia-centric
Summary: only instrumental songs. It isn't about any specific period of time or event, just instrumentals I think that suit him as a whole.
Warning: ~45 minutes of awesomeness; besides that, none.

Download links here.

Next instrumental fanmix: Russia


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I'm sure many of you (especially if you're from Japan) are going to the GONEXT2 event. 
Dear Ryoko, doujinka, is going to be attending the event, bringing many goods for sale. I also heard she was going to bring those wonderful oppai Hetalia mousepads for us to buy at the price of 2500 yen (28 euros). question is the following....Will anyone be willing to buy and send one of these mousepads to me?~ We can negociate the money you'll earn from your good will~

So, what do you say?~ Anyone help me?~

Suimin Busoku (RAW)

Title: Suimin Busoku
Circle: Shainir 
Language: Japanese
Pairing/Characters: Sweden/Finland.
Rating: G
Pages: 25 + Cover
Warnings: None
Summary: The book contains 2+½ stories. Suimin Busoku is a silence story with a somewhat angsty-like portrayal of Sweden and Finland. The text in this story  is basically based from the lyrics of a song with the same title, Suimin Busoku by CHICKS, with some very minor changes just so that it'd fit better in their situation. You can listen to the song here, btw. Doronko Heiwa is a cute, simple story of  Sweden, Finland and Hanatamago's life in one fine morning. Note that the pages for the second story are in higher resolution because else Finland's chatters would be very hard to read. The last story is the epilogue of Suimin Busoku.

Download: RAR ZIP

If you like this, please support the artist by purchasing this doujinshi.

Feel free to share, translate or post them somewhere else. But please do link back here to the community and never claim them as your own art, work or scans.  Let me know if you guys ever encounter any problems.

Default USUK

[Fanfic] Technical Support

Title: Technical Support 
Rating: T
Genre: Romance + Humor + Tech-related snark 
Characters/Pairings: Arthur, Alfred | USUK 
Summary: Arthur, a literature teacher in high school, really really hates the new visualizer. Luckily, Alfred's there to provide him with some technical support. High School Teacher/Tech guy AU. One-shot(?)
"And any time in the next school year would be far too soon, Mr Jones." )


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And so apparently, the coding is being tricky, so I can't for some odd reason, post the map on here. So I guess we'll have to settle for the usual link.

Unless someone whose better at HTML can help me figure this out? I would be much obliged

If everyone feels satisfied with the map, I will hurry off to send it to him. But if you have anything you want to fix, you have until Friday to tell me or it's going to Himpapa's mailbox
Native babies [APH]

[Fanfic] God Save the Queen

Title: God Save the Queen
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: extreme angst, character death
Characters/Pairings: America, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Canada; America/England
Summary: "When you lose someone you love, you die too, and you wait around for your body to catch up." - John Scalzi
Notes: And yet another kink-meme deanon. The original prompt for this was Nation A (America) has lost Nation B (England) by any means and has to cope. How they died and if anyone's at fault is up to anon. I would like to see the grief treated naturally and realistically and in full, but also specific to how Character B died. More notes at the end.

( Sing 'God Save the Queen' for me, sweetheart. )