November 14th, 2011

[Fanfic] Welcome to the Circus Part 1 out of 7?

Title: Welcome to the Circus
About: The deformed and unique have been scorned and neglected by the world for things out of their control. An American finds himself thrown out as trash for his superhuman strength. What kind of new life can a British snake man ring master give him? USUK.
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FIC: Warm Hearts 3 - PruAus

Title: Warm Hearts 3
Summary: (Part 3 of the Warm Hearts series) Austria loves Prussia. Prussia loves Austria. Damned if they know why...
Pairings/Characters: Prussia/Austria
Rating: PG

--Link to part 1:
--Link to part 2:

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Comments are very much appreciated. :)
(And if there is a pairing you would like to see in the series, just leave a comment and I'll likely get to it... eventually.)
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My friend name Kiba heard this in the store the other day and started singing to it and found out that Britain's summoning song tune is actually from a french classical piece called L'Arlésienne-Suite - Farandole you can listen to it here: On Youtube

To refresh some people's memory on Iggy's summoning song - here is the best link I could find. Britain's Summoning Song

I'm not too sure what to label this please mod's tell me if I tagged it wrong! :)

EDIT: I am aware that this could be old news but don't be mean about it. New fans find stuff out all the time - shouldn't you just be glad we noticed it? Besides do you KNOW how MANY entries there are in this community? A whooolllle lot. A new fan couldn't possibly catch up to everything right away. D:

[Fanfic] Out of the Shadows (Chapter 5)

Title: Out of the Shadows
Characters: America, England, Canada, Australia, a bit of Russia
Rating: I'd say probably a pg-13, might go higher later on though
Warnings: language, violence, creepy and disturbing (hopefully) imagery
Summary: America takes a dare to stay overnight in a haunted house, but when fear is all that remains what's left to keep the shadows at bay?

There was nothing to be afraid of