November 15th, 2011


Added another doujinshi

Hi, I have this anthology for sale (1st doujinshi). Its about 70ish pages, no novel all comic and there are about 5-6 different circles. Its a Hong Kong/Korea + America/Korea pairing all mixed into one. I'm looking around $28 $24 for this item since that's how much I paid for it. Details on this item. Its R18 for obvious material and its quite equally divided between the two pairings. Its seems like both HK and America like to take advantage of Korea multiple times throughout the book. There is one story were America is looking at a position book while in the R18 bit and another story where HK gets Korea to dress in a maids outfit to have a little fun ;)

The 2nd doujinshi is cute America/Japan pairing along with those little balls that are on the front cover. Price $18. I'm not sure on what to explain on this since I'm unsure on what to say, But if you need images please let me know.

Besides the 2 doujinshi above, I still have a china poster here for sale as well

I have other items for sale here besides the one above (though the doujinshi above hasn't been included into the list on the sales page yet so comment here if you're interest, sorry). I ship from U.S. and will ship international. I have a feedback page here so that you’ll know it’s safe to buy from me. Thanks for looking!

Individual/Direct Order Service here. If you want those rare doujinshi that can only be bought overseas then I can give you a hand. I will even gladly help you find certain doujinshi that you're looking for if you give me the circle's name. Come take a look


Hi, people of the APH community! I'm not sure if this is allowed, since I've never seen anybody do this before, so if it's against the rules, feel free to delete this. ^^ 

I'm one of eight editors in an MEP using the song Hurricane by 30 Seconds to Mars. There are two parts left, and showerpaw would really appreciate it if any interested parties signed up. All details are in the description of the video ^^

Here's the link:

Please join~ 
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FIC: Serenade (1/1)

Title: Serenade
Summary: Switzerland catches Austria playing a new piece and asks what it was for. He is sufficiently distracted by Austria. Est relationship, MPreg.
Pairings: Switzerland/Austria
Rating: M (to be safe)
NOTES: Written as a birthday gift for my amazing friend *xx-Makoto-xx over on dA. I'm VERY late posting it to LJ. ^^;

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Any comments are appreciated!
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FIC: Wildflowers (1/1)

Title: Wildflowers
Summary: Germany forces Italy to defect to the Allies. They later meet on the battlefield and Germany is injured protecting Italy. His injuries help reunite the long-lost lovers. *Follows Germany = HRE theory*
Pairings/Characters: Germany/Italy, the Allies
Rating: PG-13 (some gore and cursing)

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Comments are very much appreciated!
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Looking for a regular beta

I've become increasingly dissatisfied with the development of my skill as a writer and so I thought maybe getting a beta might be a step in the right direction. I'm not too worried about things like spelling and grammar; I usually manage fairly well in those departments on my own. I mostly need someone who could check things like smoothness, pacing, and maybe characterization. Someone who has at least a little experience as a beta and is regularly available would be ideal. 

I work mostly with the fluffy romance genre, with occasional humor, h/c, or gen, and the pairings I typically write for are SwedenxFinland, GermanyxItaly, PrussiaxAustria, and USxUK, though I may dip into other pairings from time to time. I stay mostly within the PG-13 range with the occasional R-rated piece, but there won't be anything too hardcore. I'm cool with chatting and being friends and stuff, though it's not an absolute necessity. I don't currently have anything in the works, but I write pretty regularly so it probably won't be long until I have something ready for you to look at. 

I really appreciate you taking the time to consider my request!
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[fanfic] love me

Title: love me
Characters/Pairings: Spain x fem!Romano, Germany x fem!Italy, mentions of many others
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG15…? It’s rated a bit higher than the others I’ve written recently.
Prompt: for vivalalixi. Something about Spain/fem!Romano…they were shopping, and Lovi feels so inadequate, so Spain has to make her feel sexy…but then I ran out of words and completely forgot about the “sexy” bit. (Sorry.)
Warnings: OCs, fan-made names, OOC-ness, crack, inaccuracies, grammar and spelling mistakes, coarse language, PDA, genderbending, attempt at fluff that ended with Lovi’s identity crisis, minimal Piri appearance thrown in just because.
Summary: Antonio says what he believes, but unfortunately Lovina doesn’t believe what he says.


“You were looking for me?”

Antonio looks away from the lights and the music becomes but a fragile hum over his heartbeat once he looks at the prettier view in front of him.

The dress was perfect. No, it was not just the dress. Lovi was perfect.

He only realizes he said this out loud when the female Nation blushes.

“You’re joking, aren’t you? Idiot.”

(Under the (obviously very fake!) cut.)

OneWorldHetalia Plurk RP

The universe has always been a game of balance, as is evident in all the paradoxical occurrences and antagonisms that are present yet subtle in life. Humans know this, whole masses of nations know this, and it would only make sense for human nation personifications to know this… but to what extent they do know this is questionable. It’s always been seen, the black and white, the earth and sky, the hate and love… but what’s forgotten is the simplest contrast of all: the female and the male.

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