November 22nd, 2011

About the Paint It, White Dub

I'm sorry if asking about this isn't allowed, but I was wondering if there was anyone who bought the DVD who plans on uploading it somewhere?

I would buy it myself if I could, but I don't have any money to get it with, and I really want to see it.

Hope I don't sound impatient, since it only officially came out today.  Although, it seems like a lot of people got their's already, so I thought it might not be too soon to ask XD  I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who plans on posting it, not trying to rush anything.

Ah, I guess I can save up my money and buy it myself, though.  ^^"

[Fanfic] Sleep (Prologue and chapter 1/?)

Title: Sleep
Author: zoe_says_hi
Characters in this chapters: Prussia, France and Spain, mentions of Germany and Germania, no pairings.
Rating: PG-15 (language)
Warnings: un-betaed, English is not my first language.
Summary: Prussia is disappearing, he can feel it. It's time to put his life in order, look for a way to survive and find someone to help him make a digital copy of his diaries. All of them.

At my journal

Chapter 1:
At my journal
[britain + united states] hetalia

paint it, white! [DUB] - thoughts + feelings

a note: if you are not a fan of the dub or do not watch the dubs because of any reason or preference, please do not comment and bash the voice actors, translations, whathaveyou. it's perfectly fine for not everyone to like the dub, but if you don't like it, simply ignore this discussion. the dub isn't doing you any harm if you don't watch it, so please please do not do any harm to it or those who do watch it.

I have not stated any spoilers for the plot of the movie in this post, but seeing as discussion of the movie could very easily delve into specific points in the plot, be aware for potential spoilers in the comments!

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Batman: <3

Paint It White Pre-Order Question

Mod's if this isn't allowed please delete, I just don't know who else to ask!

In June/July when I was given the option to pre-order at Amazon I pre-ordered the movie and they promised it would arrive on the release date - and you can probably guess what happened - it's not here.

Is this normal? I want to pre-order Season 3 as well but I'm not sure if it's worth it if I can just go to the store and buy it the day it comes out? Has anyone else had this problem before?

And if Amazon isn't good then which company is good?

Thank you
Robin Gurl
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[FanFic] Songbird

Title: Songbird
Author: Myself.
Length: 2,216
Warnings: Human names used, mild and implied sex.
Rating: Light R
Characters: Prussia, Russia
Pairings: Russia/Prussia
Summary: It wasn't the fall that killed him, it was the sudden stop at the bottom – Ivan Braginski discovers a injured Gilbert Beilschmidt who...has wings? Wings AU.
Author's Note: And another piece I posted on Tumblr, and this time of considerable length! Never thought I'd see the day.
Anyways, this is just a bit of a brainstorm for a plot I've wanted to write about for a long time. Wings are cool, bro.
Please be warned that this is probably littered with errors and changes styles frequently – I've been attempting to get back into writing after a bit of a rut!

It's hard, being cooped up for so long, unable to fly when he's spent his whole life doing so. He probably deserved it, however, flying out in the middle of a rainstorm.

[Fanfic] Obras son amores, que no buenas razones.

Title: Obras son amores, que no buenas razones.

Author: himarules

Pairings: Spain x America

Rating: T

Warnings: rare!pairing, modern-AU, general silliness, kissing, swearing and abuse of fluff.

Summary: America has it on good word that a certain Spaniard is after him, Lovino is desperate to get the bastard to listen and Spain is busy fawning over them both. In the end, however, one cannot deny the heart. One-Shot. Spain/America.

Author's Note: after listening to the lovely little band, Donora, I had an inexplicable urge to write for this pairing. I hope I did well. Feedback and con-crit is always loved~!

[ Lo que dicte el corazón no es un dicho. ]