November 23rd, 2011

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[Fanfic] SOD 1/?

Title: Suit of Dissonance 1/?
Rating: T
Genre: Cardsverse Fantasy AU, How To Rebuild A Kingdom 101 (romance, general fantasy)
Characters/Pairings: Alfred, Arthur, Matthew, Yao | Eventual Alfred/Arthur
Summary: Alfred finds out that it's not easy ruling a kingdom. Not when your apparently-insane late father leaves it to you in a sorry state. Not when your new Queen has weird eyebrows and refuses to listen. Cardsverse!AU.
Chapter Summary: Alfred escapes his own coronation ball, and bumps into one errant Time Mage.
Notes: Multi-chaptered collab fic again! Based on our interpretation of Himaruya's Cardsverse. Comments and feedback always welcome.

Chapter I )

Bunny Ears Desu

Exclusive con panel at

For anyone who is interested, there's a exclusive Hetalia panel video from Naka Con on their official site: However it's only available to Funimation Elite members. They have a two week free trial available. In it, Charlene Ingram talks about the rejected editions of the merchandise, rejected taglines, and packaging for the boxset and how Himaruya had a say in it. Brina Palencia ( Chibitalia), Patrick Seitz ( Germany), J. Michael Tatum (France), Clarine Harp ( China) are in attendance.

[APH] A Garden of Decaying Flowers [2.13b/7]

Title: A Garden of Decaying Flowers

Part 2.13: A Fleeting Triumph (part 2)

Pairings/characters: in this chapter: AmericaxEngland, in the verse: AmericaxHarem (includes Japan, Russia, Lithuania), FRUK, AusxHun, many minor ones.
Genre: Angst/Drama/Romance
Rating: in this chapter: PG, overall: PG-13
Warnings: AU, deviations from canon characterisation, AmericaxHarem, eventual mpreg.
Summary of this chapter: Alfred and Arthur eloped.

Summary of the verse: Emperor Alfred only ever wanted his first concubine, his beloved Rose, to be happy. History, his court and power struggle among his other concubines make this wish almost impossible to realise. 

Link to the chapterTill death do us part.

The rest of the verse can be found here

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Howl's Moving Castle

[Fanfiction] The Soldiering Life [Ch. 8/?]

Title: The Soldiering Life
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Alfred/Arthur, Matthew, Francis
Rating: T
Warnings: Violence (not in the beginning, but later on), a little language, AU
Summary: In an alternate universe, Alfred F. Jones and Arthur Kirkland meet as soldiers fighting on the same side in a vicious war. Arthur is confused by his feelings for the American boy and must struggle with them as the war wages on all around him.

Ch. 1 - The Beginning
Ch. 8 - The Storm

2 doujinshi for sale and Group Order

Hi, I have this anthology for sale (1st doujinshi). Its about 70ish pages, no novel all comic and there are about 5-6 different circles. Its a Hong Kong/Korea + America/Korea pairing all mixed into one. I'm looking around $24 for this item since that's how much I paid for it. Details on this item. Its R18 for obvious material and its quite equally divided between the two pairings. Its seems like both HK and America like to take advantage of Korea multiple times throughout the book. There is one story were America is looking at a position book while in the R18 bit and another story where HK gets Korea to dress in a maids outfit to have a little fun ;)

The 2nd doujinshi is cute America/Japan pairing along with those little balls that are on the front cover. Price $18 $16. I'm not sure on what to explain on this since I'm unsure on what to say, But if you need images please let me know.

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