November 24th, 2011

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Hetalia MSN Roleplay Group

Hello, there~

My friends and I have just started an MSN group for our Hetalia roleplay, called .hack//Earth. As the name suggests, it meshes with the plot of the .hack series. However, you don't need to know a lot about the .hack series to play with us, and we'll fill you in on everything you need to know. We're brand new, as of now, with only a few characters taken, so we're wide open for plenty of people!

Anything and everything is accepted and encouraged in our group, including crack pairings and OCs. We'll never tell you how to play your character and our moderators won't abuse their power or judge anything that happens unfairly. We've all had experience on both sides of the mod line, so we know how it goes~

If you think you're interested, drop by the comm I created for the roleplay here on LJ dothackearth. The profile has a more detailed outline of the plot and the journal has taken/reserved characters and the application. Hope to hear from you~
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[Official Blog] Possible Halloween Additions?

This entry features a beautiful valley town in autumn, and a sketch of the mysterious "Vegemite coupon" he mentioned briefly between some updates in the Micro-Event.

The reason this is significant to us though, is that underneath he mentions Halloween updates. If someone could translate this, that'd be appreciated. :3


Translation by lost_hitsu: "I want to upload the Halloween costumes and a little something tomorrow."

USA + Molossia Thanksgiving fic

Title: Hetalia: “Fuck!” Family Thanksgiving
Character(s) or Pairing(s):USA, Molossia, Tony + Friends
Rating: T for swearing.
Warnings: Uhhh... Swearing.
Summary: Molossia goes to his older brother's USA's Thanksgiving party!
Note: I couldn't think of a similarity between USA and Molossia except for the swearing, so I made up a name for their family.

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