November 25th, 2011


24hrs Black Friday Sales!

24hrs Black Friday Sale!
Sale starts November 25th, Friday 00:00am EST
Sale ends November 26th, Friday 00:00am EST
Comments to commit AND payment must be done within this 24hrs!
 -Any payments pass 00:00am EST will be refunded
 -Any commits before 00:00am EST will not be considered for the sale

1 Russia x Prussia, all by Love Potion no.9
3 USUK by Ricomil and Cotori Teikoku
1 Akuyuu by Weeweewee

Rubber Strap

Hetalia Merchandise
Austria, Hungary,  Cushion Straps
PSP Gakuen Hetalia Limited Edition Gifts
Huge Pillows
Tall Glass Cup

Anime Posters

I accept Paypal only.
Negotiation is accepted only when purchased multiple items and in a reasonable line

I really need them sold ASAP!
Need to gather up money for my bills, new items, etc.
AND space for the most.

2 England Stick Poster! (the recent one)
\BHJBVD Z\HFGBD MBvwejasnasfcj

[RP] World Boarding School

You know the deal with Gakuen Hetalia rps.

The characters are human, and either students or teachers at some boarding school in this weirdly ambiguous, undisclosed location.

Well get out your fucking party hats, ‘cos we’ve got yet another one up in here!

World Boarding School (yes, we WERE desperate for names) is BRAND NEW and ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS. Most characters are free, and we allow OCs. Doesn’t that sound exciting as fuck?

Why yes. Yes it does.
So why not sign your ass up.

We'd especially like an India. And a teacher!Norway up for DenNor

Discarded Luxembourg?

I found this picture on the site for Himaruya's Hetaween event: <---- Found there


Google Translator says this: "That guy was one of the most surreal Luxembourg's Death
Luxembourg is the image that's there with the dog under the influence of film
From the beginning was with the dog."

My question is with this picture of Luxembourg, is this just a disregarded picture of the country/character like the ones we have seen of Portugal and other countries, or is it official?

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[Fanfiction] The Soldiering Life [Ch. 9/11]

Title: The Soldiering Life
Characters/Pairings: Alfred/Arthur, Francis, Matthew
Rating: T, for language and violence
Warnings: Descriptions of violence/death, some swearing, AU
Summary: In an alternate universe, Alfred F. Jones and Arthur Kirkland meet as soldiers fighting on the same side in a vicious war. Arthur is confused by his feelings for the American boy and must struggle with them as the war wages on all around him.

Ch. 1 - The Beginning
Ch. 9 - No Prayers Nor Bells