November 27th, 2011

Miyuki Kazuya

Field Trip 2/?

Title: Field Trip
Genre: Romance, slice of life
Pairings: AlfredxArthur, slight AntonioxLovino, GilbertxMatthew
Warnings: I haven’t been to Six Flags in some time so please forgive me if anything turns out a bit inaccurate.
Summary: Alfred, Arthur and everyone else are going on a fieldtrip to Six Flags! Alfred is determined to make this the best day ever for not only him, but Arthur too.

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[Request] Looking for Arte Stella book

Hello everybody ^^

For some time now I look for the artbook Arte Stella of Hetalia but impossible to find it in moderate prices (150 USD, I don't have this sum). Do you know where I can find this artbook, if possible for affordable prices? And in more would need whether it is in export because I live in France ^^'Collapse )
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does anyone know what happened to the america fst 'the beat goes on' i never got a chance to download it or finish listening to it...but when i came back to it a while later it was gone...was that fst taken down?? or can someone help me find it? the only song i remember from it was boogie woogie bugle boy...
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Fic: Des Vignettes [7/9]

Title: Des Vignettes
Author: salientia
Rating: PG-13 for this chapter; R for the whole fic
Characters & Pairings: England/France, America; mentions of Japan, Russia and Spain.
Warnings: In this chapter, language. In the whole fic, language, sex, and some blood.
Notes: De-anon from the kink meme; originally written for this prompt. Cleaned up and slightly altered since the original version. Fake cut. Cross-posted to what_the_fruk.
Summary: 1904, 2004, and a few moments in between. In which France and England talk, fight, kiss and confound their way towards some form of progress.

( “I’ll start by insulting the sexual history of your mother and go from there,” he promises sleepily. )
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[Fanfiction] Devil/Angel [1/?]

Title: Lust and Patience
Genre: Humour, Supernatural, Romance
Word Count: 1,417
Character(s)/Pairing(s): America, England, France, brief mentions of Prussia and Greece | Eventual America/England
Rating/Warnings: M. For language and possible allusions to sex in future chapters.
Summary: AU. In which Alfred and Arthur are the shoulder devil and angel to a boy named Francis. Chaos ensues.

( Chapter 1: Lust and Patience )