November 28th, 2011

Hetalia - Thoughtful England
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[Fic] Burn a candle at Dover to show light in Calais

Title: Burn a candle at Dover to show light in Calais
Author: Zalia Chimera
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: France/England
Warnings: France and England talk. A lot. Politics, I guess.
Notes: Inspired by this article about English and French joint military operations. Set a short way into the future.

(“Your people have deep misgivings about aircraft carriers?” France asked, eyebrows raising. “I knew that they were backwards but really, Angleterre, you should think about joining the rest of us in the twenty-first century.” )

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Just confirming I got this right....

I've kind of been out the Hetalia loop for a long time so I just want to make sure I have some things right....

While browsing the web I found which has informed me I've missed a lot while I was ignoring Hetalia >< I saw a scanlation area and I just wanted to be sure that all of those scanlations are comics the original mangaka did? I didn't even know Hetalia had that many comics outside of the normal volumes.

Also I came across Hetalia World Series and I haven't watched any of it yet, but is it just a separate series from the normal anime series? It's like...a continuation of Hetalia: Axis Powers right?

Someone help me make sure I have everything straight haha! I was looking up all this stuff and there's so much information and...stuff out there! I didn't know about half the stuff I found. Guess I need to get back in the Hetalia loop. Any answers to my questions and any other information on things I may be missing are more than welcome. Thanks for your help, Hetalia fans ^_^

[discussion] Music and comics? Best combo?

Hey guys, I just read the latest comic with France (so bittersweet~) and by chance I was actually listening to the ratatouille main theme soundtrack. 

I swear, it just made it that more bittersweet I was in tears.

Sooo, to the actual question, is there any hetalia comics or strips that are made that much more special with a certain soundtrack or song over it? Like, the song to get the most out of the revolution strips or something familiar...?

Thanks for the previous post I made

Not sure if this is allowed, but if not mods can delete the post. 

I just wanted to thank everyone who helped me get caught back up in the Hetalia fandom. I had fallen out of it for a little but I'm back and I realized I have been missing sooooooo much! So thanks to everyone for catching me up, giving me links, and just being so friendly and patient with me. I'm glad to be back! Hetalia FTW! ^_^