December 1st, 2011

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Fic: What We Must (Formerly 'Red')

Title: What We Must (Formerly 'Red')
Rating: R (or M)
Characters/Pairings: Russia, Canada, America (this fic acts as a buildup to eventual Russia/Canada)
Summary/Notes: This is being de-anoned from the kink meme, where it was posted as 'Red.' The original prompt was "Something leaves Canada completely mentally broken, and Russia decides to comfort and take care of Matthew to make him become functionally normal again. Bonus points for Russia at first having no clue how to take care of somebody so traumatized, but eventually figuring it out," though I've tried to go a little deeper with it. It's been edited slightly to fix a couple continuity errors and improve some wording.
Warnings: This fic involves violence, non-graphic references to a previous nonconsensual situation, and extensive amounts of profanity.

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Part 1/10
Part 2/10
Part 3/10
Part 4/10
Part 5/10
Part 6/10
Part 7/10
Part 8/10
Part 9/10
Part 10/10
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Hetalia Fantasia 2, English Sub.

Okay, wow, I don't check this community as often as I need to. So about two months ago, I found out that they had made a Hetalia Fantasia 2, and was very happy to see that someone had translated it! (Yes, I've been out of the loop, I know.) I was disappointed, however, to also see that no one had subbed it yet. I was under the impression that it had been out for a little while, not that I actually remember the date on the time stamp, but either way, I don't think anyone had subbed the whole thing yet, and I don't know if I'm just spoiled with usually very fast subs, or if people figured that it was unnecessary because it had been translated already, or if people have just been busy, but I personally find it difficult to follow along with a text document while listening to CDs. So I decided to take it upon myself to sub this thing!

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By the way, if anyone is up to translating Hetalia Fantasia 3...I'd be willing to sub it too. <3 I'm not sure how timely I'd manage it, I have college and such, but I'd do my best to get it done as quickly as possible.
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FIC: Hey Baby, Do You Want To Touch My... Missiles?

Fanfic masterlist here.

Title: Hey Baby, Do You Want To Touch My... Missiles?
Length: 4,000 words
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Swearing and and really terrible Cold War euphemisms
Genre: crack, what the fuck are you on god's sake
Characters, Pairings: Prussia/Germany
Summary: Mm yeah, that's just how the GDR rolls, baby.

Notes: Filled for the Hetalia Kink Meme. Original request: "Prussia/Germany - Seduction: Cold War. While at a meeting, East Germany begins seducing West Germany in the hall, telling him to come over to the 'fun side' of the Iron Curtain. West Germany is completely into his former brother's dirty talk until his allies come looking for him.


There's history here. Vaguely. I won't even bother with sources, nothing makes sense anymore.


[Fanart] USUK Digital Painting Dump

Title: Digital Painting Dump
Artist: seraphic_dream
Characters/Pairing(s): England, USxUK
Rating/Warnings: PG-13.  Umm...birds and guns!  If those can be considered warnings kfdsak.  
Summary/Author's note: Just a few digital paintings that I did really quickly!  Featuring Robin!England and Eagle!America!  Oh, there's also a WWII USUK picture in there! 

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Otaku USA February 2012 Edition

I haven't seen anyone post this so I figured since I just found out, I'd share the information.

In the new Otaku USA there is a two page article/two page spread poster about Paint It White. It's on page 74 and while the article is the usual mumbo jumbo the poster is pretty nifty (the cover of the DVD) with several recycled images from other articles and captures from the movie!

You can get this at FYE, SunCoast (saw it yesterday and just about got it), Barnes and Nobles, and just about anywhere that sells "special" magazines. In the USA and Canada the price is $5.99!

Horray for being in a magazine! :D

(mods I wasn't too sure what to "tag" to put in the title of the post, so please tell me if I need to add anything)

P.S I will/can scan the article in after work (in about 4 hours) so people can see it if they want! If someone else scans before I do, just tell me and I'll link/show them off for ya!
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[Fanfiction] The Soldiering Life [Ch. 10/11]

Title: The Soldiering Life
Characters/Pairings: Alfred/Arthur, Francis, Matthew
Rating: T, for language and violence
Warnings: Descriptions of violence/death, some swearing, AU
Summary: In an alternate universe, Alfred F. Jones and Arthur Kirkland meet as soldiers fighting on the same side in a vicious war. Arthur is confused by his feelings for the American boy and must struggle with them as the war wages on all around him.

Ch. 1 - The Beginning
Ch. 10 - We Blaze Away

Meme to share~

I'm sure I'm not the only one who did the 30 day Hetalia challenge, however I have been out of the Hetalia fandom for a long time and I'm just now getting back into it ^_^ So by sharing the meme I did I'm hoping to make some new fandom friends ^_^ Maybe there are similarities in our memes, no? haha ^_^ I don't have many friends in the fandom (count 'em: 1) so I would love to meet some new friends and I'm throwing my meme out there in an attempt to do so! ^_^

Also as far as 30 day challenges go...I do them in about 30 minutes haha. So I did it all at once *shrug* ^_^

There's the link. Thanks, guys ^_^