December 2nd, 2011


usxuk Secret Santa exchange fan fic and art

TITLE: Paint Job/Woad and Paint
AUTHOR: last_haven
RECIPIENT: aliasdefeat
GENRE: Romance, humor
RATINGS/WARNINGS: PG-13 for some cursing and pervy-ness, and partial nudity in the picture
SUMMARY: "England wears some decorative woad, and America sports Native American paint." Originally, I signed up only to write fanfics, but when I saw this prompt, I had to do a picture to go along with it.
NOTES: Beta-read by hotbabysitter. Since no specific tribe was chosen, I ended up going with an Iroquoian inspired markings and dress. Also, the celtic lion tattoo is based off an actual design I found here, no copyright infringment intended.

Lastly, my headcanon states that England is a son of Britannia/Albion, but is also a relative of Germania, since the Angles and the Saxons were Germanic tribes that settled there/invaded. I know this isn't a terribly popular opinion in fanon, but that's my headcanon and until someone presents to me a good reason why I shouldn't believe it or Hima-papa says otherwise, it'll be my headcanon.

"I totally gotta remember it next time a RenFaire rolls into town."

And now the picture.

Click here to see the full picture at Deviantart

Should you have problems viewing it, tell me and I'll upload it elsewhere.
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Letters to December: Chapter One

Title: Letters to December: Chapter One, December Second.
Pairing: England/America, America/England
Genre: Romance
Rating: T
Summary: "It was no secret that Alfred preferred the warm to the cold, thus it was quite clear to anyone that came into contact with him during the winter that he’d much rather be chopping off his own fingers than shoveling the snow."

Chapter One: December Second