December 25th, 2011


Fanfiction: Citizen Erased [1/?]

birthday preset for haleth.

Title: Citizen Erased [1/?]
Summary: Human AU. As if Tino's life hasn't been going badly enough lately, he gets kidnapped by a strange group of criminals, and held for ransom. How will he escape, what will happen, and how will he deal with developing feelings for one of his captors?
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Kidnap
Characters: In this chapter, Finland, Estonia, Sealand, Iceland and Norway.
Pairings: Eventual SuFin

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[Fic] Of Tigers and Koi Fish 1/?

Title: Of Tigers and Koi Fish
Author: angstlich
Recipient: disownmereturns
Rating: PG, for this chapter, potential going up
Characters/Pairings: Greece/Japan main, various side parings
Warning: Lots and lots of exposition, kitty violence, and length. This is going to be one long fic, broskis.
Summary: Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea, bear a curse meant for Taiwan, and Greece sets out to save them from their fishy curse. For the magical koi fish prompt.
Notes: This is an alternate universe with elements of steam-punk, faerie magic, and witchiness, and is a gift for the Giripan secret Santa exchange. Yay!

(The tiger striped cat moved through the hazy twilight...)
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[fic] upon that golden yesterday

title: upon golden yesterday
author: bulletthestars
pairings: unrequited!england->america, america/fem!canada, unrequited!america->england, unrequited!france->england
rating: pg-13
warnings: major character death, suicide, implied sex
summary: arthur kirkland is a student in a university in london. he shares an apartment with alfred jones, has somewhat of a crush on him and he's fuck buddies with francis bonnefoy. alfred and arthur are part of their university's drama society, and they're starring in a neglected terence rattigan play, after the dance. alfred invites arthur to see a ballet with him, where he finally gets to meet alfred's girlfriend, madeleine williams. arthur finds himself inexplicably attracted to madeleine as well, and francis is left to confront the startling realisation that arthur will never be his. as the opening night of the play draws nearer, startling similarities between the play's characters and arthur, alfred and madeleine's relationship arise.
notes: written for my school's comics and animation society's fanfic and doujin magazine! lots and lots of people helped with this fic! much love to sheep_astray and shadow_of_egypt for your help and encouragement right at the beginning, myneckissorefrm for sticking with me throughout and filling in all the holes, to glitterstargal for getting rid of useless bits in the fic, to joshua for looking through again and clearing the last of the terrible plot holes, to joy for listening to me whine about it over and over again, to felicia for editing and laurelsblue for brit-picking. also, monique's monaco, and angela's belgium.

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