December 26th, 2011


Fancomic: 12 Days of Spamano Christmas

A bit late, but I finished this today. oAo; Merry Christmas~

Title: 12 Days of Spamano Christmas
Artist: Jammer Lea
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain/Romano, Prussia, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Rating: PG
Warnings: Long image (only 216kb though)
Summary: A parody of the song, but with little doodles relating to Spain and Romano. Worked on this over a couple of days.

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This may be the strangest thing I could ever ask.

All these two or three years later in the Hetalia fandom I am still having an issue. I know way back in 2008-2009 people called North and South Italy Lovino and Feliciano. However, when the episodes started streaming and the manga was being translated their names were (correctly?) translated as Veneziano and Romano. However, I have a friend who says Feli and Lovi are the names she has seen ALL over, and never saw any differently. Just so I can clear this up with her which is really the canon name?

Fic Commissions

Please excuse me if this is not allowed.

Thankfully, I have reached my goal! I would like to continue raising money so I can pay for the whole down payment. (:

So, I need $100 before December 31st to make a down payment on a hotel... yeah, a stupid reason. This is likely the last year I will go to a convention, and me and my gf realllly wanted to have a hotel to ourselves. The whole job thing has not worked out all well, so obviously I don't have money. My only talent is writing, so I figured I could make some money that way.

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