December 27th, 2011


fic: A Photograph of the Artist as a Young Man (Chapter 1)

Title: A Photograph of the Artist as a Young Man - Chapter 1 (a & b)
Author: fishwrites
Artist: Abhauen (the story to her blindchild!au)
Wordcount: ~10.5K
Pairing(s): Arthur/Alfred + various others.
Rating: PG for language (this part)

Summary: Rising fashion model Alfred Jones is cast along side the famous but reclusive Arthur Kirkland for a revolutionary GQ UK editorial. He quickly discovers that the fashion world's new golden child is actually blind. (A story of high fashion, of cats in the snow, of brothers and violins. A story of being in love and being blind. A story of an artist and his photographs.)
Tsukimiya Ringo [UtaPri]
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more doujin for sale~

<font size="1">Hello again everyone~
<br>I'm still selling all my Hetalia doujin collection~ It consists of a lot of RuPru, PruAus, DenSu/SuDen, Germancest... Really cheap~ Some of them are from last Winder's Comike ^^ All of them are in excellent condition (I treat my things as if they were my life, man, they weren't cheap at all, so I want them to be perfect ^^)
<br>So, please please~
<br><a href="">Come have a look~!</a>

[Question] Hetalia at Comiket

I bought the CD catalogue for Comiket but since my computer does't show Japanese kana or kanji, everything has just come out as random symbols.
I've found the pages listing all the circles selling Hetalia doujinshi, but I don't know where these circles will be located on the day.

I also can't find a map or anything on the Comiket CD...

Can anyone tell me where the circles will be and if we pick up maps at TBS or if it's hidden on my CD somewhere?

Any help would be much appreciated, and I'm sorry for posting this random question here, but I thought someone might know...

[Fic] Russia's Mistletoe

Title: Russia's Mistletoe
Rating: T for language and themes. 
Main Pairing: Russia x China

Summary: The Allies host the 2011 Christmas Party at England's house. China wasn't able to come. Russia misses him. England lends a hand. And they all have a merry Christmas.

The two communists watched them from their single sofas that sat beside each other. It was already the third song.

"China, would you like to-"

"I won't dance, aru."

"Oh. Okay."

Collapse )Collapse )

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Starting a new kink meme index

Since as far as I am aware all the non-pairing specific kink meme index's are pretty much dead (or on delicious, which I'm really not all that fond of), I've decided to set up one from scratch which will eventually include all fills and requests on the meme.

I'd originally planned on having it finished before posting about it, then planned to have at least part one indexed before I posted here about it, however I hadn't truly anticipated how long that was going to take, and having spent several hours on Part 1 today and not even getting close to finishing, and since my internet access is going to be limited over the next few days, I figured I should just go ahead and post about it. It gives me some extra motivation at least.

I'll be indexing everything by part number first, then going back and doing it by pairing as well. Currently I'm slogging through Part 1, hopefully that won't take too long.

The (currently empty) index can be found here at dreamwidth.

I have no idea how long it will take to complete, especially since new fills are added every day, but I'll get there eventually.