December 28th, 2011


[fic] neighbours (1/1)

Title: neighbours
Author: sherry_doll
Characters/Pairings: GerIta, slightly hinted but not really Spamano
Rating: T
Summary: ...should be there for one another when they lock themselves out and need to get themselves back in really quickly or else the pasta will burn, ve! Poor Ludwig never saw it coming.

( No! Focus, Feliciano! Don't let the pasta break you! )

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[Fic] Invincible - Ch. 3

Title: Invincible
Author: starrdust411
Character(s) or Pairing(s): FACES featuring FrUK. In this chapter: Lithuania, Russia
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: AU, Slash, Action/Adventure, Implied Past Mpreg, Character Death
Summary: After a series of lawsuits forces him and the rest of the Supers into retirement, Arthur Kirkland finds himself trapped living a mundane suburban life. When adventure calls he's quick to respond, but how will it affect the rest of his family?

Prologue|Chapter 1|Chapter 2

Chapter 3 The Ominidroid

Collapse )
Kaori Sheep: Got wool?

[Fanfic] Five fruk fics

All written for what_the_fruk holiday event

- Rating in all is PG-13
- Genre varies between fluff, romance and humour.

Yellow Scarf -  Secret admirers and why they are a too stressful business for middle-aged men.

Concert - A Christmas tradition on France's account that England hardly thinks is in the spirit of Christmas.

Valerian - His ill child makes Francis visit unpleasant people. Medieval fantasy-esque thing.

Nice - Pub visits and shadows of one's past lurking there.

Their Christmas - Sixty-four AU - Three parts, three years, three Christmases for Francis and Arthur.