January 1st, 2012

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[Ad] HetaChallenge: Hetalia Fanwork Challenge Community

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HetaChallenge now welcomes artists! Fanartists may now participate in both the drabble/doodle challenge and the table challenge!

This community is a fanwork challenge community specifically for Hetalia writers/artists. You don't have to be an expert you just have to want to share your skills! We already have some folks sharing their fanfiction/fanart on there, come and share your's too!

There are opportunities to do prompt tables and participate in a drabble/doodle challenge where the prompt will change every month! If you complete a challenge you can earn a shiny banner for your profile!

The drabble challenge prompt for January is Future

Come and write/draw with us!

The HetaChristmas Advent Lightning Challenge is still going on! If you would like to join in or request please click here
Howl's Moving Castle

[Fanfiction] The Prince's Other Half [Ch. 4/?]

Title: The Prince's Other Half
Characters/Pairings: US/UK, AusHun (in previous chapters), Lithuania->Belarus, Russia
Genre: Romance/Humor
Ratings: K+
Warnings: AU
Summary:  Prince Alfred, with the help of his companion Arthur, has a month to scour the globe and bring home a bride so he can become king.  Will he succeed, or will the crazy monarchs he meets on his journey thwart his quest for the throne?

Ch. 1 - Once Upon a Time
Ch. 4 - Like a Ghost Story