January 6th, 2012

[RP Ad] Accio World! (An APH/HP RPG)

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Accio World! is a brand new, literate, APH/HP crossover forum! The only taken characters so far are England, France, Spain, and Sealand. That's it! All other characters are open. We're looking for active, literate, friendly, devoted members to join our family. So, if you think you fit the bill, feel free to apply! We hope to see you soon!
HP: What courage is

Selling tons of doujinshi and goods!

I've decided to sell off the last bit of the ArtStella cards that I have(minus two of course XD). I tend to like the more popular characters so that's what is up for grabs! These have the designs of the Spades, Clubs, Hearts and Diamonds verse so it's hard to let them go, especially since they are so cute, that's why they are some of the last bit of merch I held onto but all good things must come to an end. I am also selling the tin the cards came in separately. Still have plenty of other goods available as well! Please take a look if interested! :)

Doujins and stuff HERE @ alex_sales

My Toranoana group order is also still open HERE. Thanks!

Pieces of Obsession

Pieces of Obsession


Genre: Tragedy, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Mystery
Word Count: 4,800+
Characters: Austria, Prussia, Germany, Italy, HRE, fem!Chibitalia, Kugelmugel, Brief: Canada, Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary, Spain, France, England, Romania, Romano

Pairings: PruAus, GerIta, mentioned Romania x Hungary, Spamano and FrUk maybe if you really, really squint.
Warnings: Human AU, Character death, Human Names Used
Summary: One death, Seven lives shattered, Seven stories to be told, One mystery to put together.

Notes: HRE – Adlar , Fem!Chibitalia – Rosalia, Kugelmugel – Edwin, Netherlands – Morgens, Romania – Emilian, Denmark – Matthias. Full A/N at end


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OneWorldHetalia Plurk RP [AD]

The universe has always been a game of balance, as is always evident in all the paradoxical occurrences and antagonisms that are present yet subtle in life. Humans know this, whole masses of nations know this, and it would only make sense for human nation personifications to know this… but to what extent they do know this is questionable. It’s always been seen, the black and white, the earth and sky, the hate and love… but what’s forgotten is the simplest contrast of all: the female and the male.

Welcome to OneWorldHetalia, a Plurk-based RP featuring Nyotalia! Read more on the plot or click the links below to read more about us. Come one, and come all, and join our newly opened community!

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