January 15th, 2012

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[Fanfic] SOD 6/?

Title: Suit of Dissonance 6/?
Rating: T
Genre: Cardsverse Fantasy AU, How To Rebuild A Kingdom 101 (romance, general fantasy)
Characters/Pairings: Arthur, Alfred, Kiku, Ludwig, Feliciano | Eventual Arthur/Alfred
Summary: Alfred finds out that it's not easy ruling a kingdom. Not when your apparently-insane late father leaves it to you in a sorry state. Not when your new Queen has weird eyebrows and refuses to listen. Cardsverse!AU.
Chapter Summary: In which a cure is found, Arthur meets and old “friend” in the Diamond Kingdom, and Alfred surprises them all.
Notes: Multi-chaptered collab fic again! Based on our interpretation of Himaruya's Cardsverse. Comments and feedback always welcome.

( Chapter VI )
Bunny England

Fanfic: Ionic Bonds, Lithium Salts

But I suppose we can coexist. We're Hetalia, after all, and therefore too awesome to argue)

Title: Ionic Bonds, Lithium Salts
Pairing: Prussia/Canada
Rating: T
Summary: Canada is a shy psychology student. Gilbert is his bipolar roommate. Somehow, they manage.


FF.net: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7742378/1/Ionic_Bonds_Lithium_Salts

LJ: http://mistspinner.livejournal.com/885.html

The Book of Hoyle Act 1.6

Title: The Book of Hoyle
Pairings/Characters: USUK, GerIta, Spamano, SuFin, AusHun/ China, France, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Japan, and many others
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: In the world of Hoyle there are many tales, but none as strange as the Kingdom of Spades.
This chapter: Alfred works hard to fix things, finding there is help after all.

"You can't go on blind faith, Alfred..."

From the start

[Fanfic] Teenage Wasteland

Title: Teenage Wasteland

Status: Complete!

Pairing: UKUS

Genre: Romance

Rating: T for swearing and making out (sorry, no lemon)

Word Count: 28,920

Summary: He hasn't heard from England in a while and America is worried. He goes to check up on his friend and meets someone he never expected to see: teenage England. Which is awesome and all, but can teen!Iggy really replace HIS England?

Notes: This was done for the Special Relationship community's Secret Santa, but I decided not to post it here until it was complete. I wanted to read the reviews first and find out if it was worth showing to you guys, and since the feedback was pretty positive (and heartwarming to this worried writer!) I now give it as an offering to the Hetalia community!

("Hopping across the pond to visit an elderly relative. Brb.")

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[Fanfic] Deep Shadows, Dark Rooms (Chapter Two)

Title: Deep Shadows, Dark Rooms
Parings: USUK
Rating: T, M in the near-far future
Genre: Suspense/Romance
Warnings: Kidnapping
Summary: Late at night, England receives a call from America saying he's being held in a room against his will after being attacked. Time is running out and it's up to England to be the hero after he learns who's keeping America hostage.
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Hetalia doujinshi for sale!

Hello everyone! I have some yaoi Hetalia doujinshi for sale. The items are brand new.

Also I'm selling doujinshi from other series and some other yaoi stuff.

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The prices can be negociated! If you have any question - feel free to write!
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FIC: 155 kilometres - Chapter 2: Rose

Fanfic masterlist here.

155 kilometres

Chapter 2
Title: Rose
Length: 2240 words
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Sexual content
Genre: Horror, thriller
Characters, Pairings: fem!Prussia, Russia, Germany || Russia/fem!Prussia
Summary: They were building a wall.

Synopsis: The building of the Berlin Wall has unintended, horrible consequences on the psyche of Prussia.

Notes: Some Estonia/Prussia in this one. I do have a number of sources for the fic, but the one relevant to this particularly chapter would technically be this one.

Operation Rose is the greater plan concocted with Erich Honecker and the Russians to choke off East German defection by militarising the border and setting up barbed wire and whatnot. Once the plan was signed by the Politburo in Döllnsee about 10 pm, Honecker rang army HQ and sent out a marching order.

The Katyn Estonia and Prussia are referring to is the Katyn massacre.

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[fanart] 1938 - Munich betrayal

Title: 1938 - Munich betrayal
Characters: Czechia, Slovakia, Germany, Italy, France, England, Hungary, Poland
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Summary: Three pictures about Munich betrayal. First with Czechia, second with Slovakia and third is about Czechoslovak uniforms since 1918 to 1939.

I started to be more interested in history of my country (Czech republic) lately, so I've decided to draw some fanarts. These are about Munich betrayal in 1938.

You can see them in my journal:

Munich betrayal