January 17th, 2012

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Fic: Again and Again and Again (Sweden/Finland, Ensemble) PG-13 (6/?)

Title: Again and Again and Again
Author: [info]hyperemmalawlz 
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Chapter: 6/?
Characters/Pairing: Sweden/Finland, Sweden/Latvia, Sealand. Ensemble.
Word Count: 1475
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The wife, the child, the best friend, the possessor, the man, the boy. It's almost remarkable how many people can get hurt.
Warnings: Cheating, sexual references, swearing, slut-shaming, aging up, bad reasons for sexual relations, age differences in sexual relationships.
Author's Notes: Hey you people who... haven't seen me in months. Sorry. I've barely been writing, a lot of what I have written is going very slowly, and there was some stuff awhile ago that kind of scared me away from LJ. Anyway, have an update. You know the drill: Written for [info]hetalia_kink, the prompt: Sweden has an affair with someone and Finland comes home one day and catches them in the act. Then followed by a annnnngsty argument of some sort regarding said affair. I want to see some tears and shouting matches or whatever for our "happy couple". The person whom Sweden has an affair with can be anyone, but I'd particularly like Norway or Latvia. I have no idea why.  The title comes from the Anne Sexton poem by the same name.

Sea's in a hotel somewhere or other; he's not gonna come in to complete that perfect America's-sitcom scene, and Sweden has no right to imagine that after what he did–

5 Shops Group Order/Doujinshi&Misc Sales

Came back with new items :D

Anime/Manga Posters


Currently running a Group Order on 5 Shops!

Due Dates: January 19th and 29th!




Again, anybody who participated in previous group orders will be getting a 10% discount on the commission fees :)

I'm doing 2 parts for this group order so the 1st part will be due January 19th and the 2nd part will be due 29th :) This will give you more time to gather money or order you doujinshis faster :)

You may ask to order items faster because of the stock limit, but then you'll have to pay for the full shipping price for each shops.
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[Fic] Personatalia

Title:  Personatalia
Author/Artist: appingo is the writer, while teastick of tumblr is the artist. 
Characters: (Main) North Italy, Prussia, Hungary, Germany, America, Japan, Austria, South Italy (Minor, Appearing in this part) France, Seychelles
Rating: Currently planned to be PG-13 for swearing and suggestive content.
Warnings: Swearing, suggestive language, teenagers summoning weird creatures, a mishmash of mythology, and tarot readings.
Summary: A crossover of Axis Powers Hetalia and the Persona series (mainly Persona 4), Feliciano Vargas, along with his brother, Lovino, are sent to live with their Uncle for a year in America. Shortly after Feliciano's arrival, he awakens to the power of persona, while being wrapped up in the mysterious disappearances and murders of his classmates at the Raider-Waite International School. Personatalia is a fanfiction with illustrations, and eventual reader-interactive content, in which the readers will have input on Feliciano's actions and how the story will play out.

(Fake cut to the tumblr, where Personatalia is and will be posted)

[AMV] RomaniaxBulgaria

I decided to try out a new style of AMV making, and I figured I'd do it with Romania and Bulgaria, seeing as how they need more love ;3;

Song: All to Myself by Marianas Trench
Anime: Axis Powers Hetalia
Characters: Romania and Bulgaria
Program: Sony Vegas 9
Time: maaaaybe eight hours?

Slight warning, a curse word is dropped in this song.