January 18th, 2012

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Fanfic: Ionic Bonds, Lithium Salts II

Early chapter is early and has very poor French.

Title: Ionic Bonds, Lithium Salts
Pairing: Prussia/Canada
Rating: T
Summary: Canada is a shy psychology student. Gilbert is his bipolar roommate. Somehow, they manage.


[RP Ad] Accio World! (An APH/HP RPG)

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The year is 1969, and the magical world is on the brink of war.

A man who would come to be known as Lord Voldemort has begun to gather followers, splitting the magical world into those of "superior" pure blood and the inferior masses. The entire world of magic stands in a state of uncertainty.

The United Kingdom's Ministry of Magic has come to a conclusion. International wizarding relationships must be strengthened in the face of a foreboding threat such as this "Lord Voldemort".

And so, the Hogwarts International Exchange Program was passed, and come the September of 1969, an incredible experience like none the wizarding world had ever known took place. But would the Ministry's plan work? That is up to the students involved.

Whether they be brave of heart, of purest ancestry, of wit and learning, or just and loyal, the path they choose will be their own.

Now, which path will you choose?
- - -
Accio World! is a brand new crossover role-playing forum! Things are just starting to get moving on the forum, so many characters are still open! Open characters include Prussia, Russia, Japan, Austria, Finland, Sweden, all Asians, and many more! We are looking for active, literate, dedicated members, so if you think you fit the bill, feel free to apply today!
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Prince's Hand And Half of the Kingdom (3/?) [fanfiction]

Title: Prince's Hand And Half of the Kingdom
Author: marinoa
Characters/Pairings: England, France, Spain, Prussia. FrUK, hints of other(s?).
Rating: T
Summary: Having once refused to obey a frog, Prince Arthur is now forced to marry one. Both parties are unwilling, but even with the help of their friends, can they win against spells... and time? FrUK AU.

Kings and Frogs Do Keep Their Promises )
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FIC: 155 kilometres - Chapter 3: Midnight

Fanfic masterlist here.

155 kilometres

Chapter 3
Title: Midnight
Length: 2210
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: N/A
Genre: Horror, thriller
Characters, Pairings: fem!Prussia, Russia, Germany || Russia/fem!Prussia
    They were building a wall.

    More than a decade after separation from her brother, the building of the Berlin Wall has unintended, horrible consequences on the psyche of Prussia.

Notes: The poem quoted in this story is Song of the Bell by Frierich von Schiller and will be a recurring piece. It was written over a 10 year period and was published in 1798. The Kingdom of Prussia at this point was partitioning a lot of land and had absorbed a great deal of Poland to the point that the Kingdom of Poland ceased to exist. It was also an immediate precursor to the Napoleonic Wars in 1801. Here is the 1916 translation I used and here is a modern translation juxtaposed with the original German and with the Latin inscription.

Photos of the construction of the Berlin Wall on the 13th, specifically: one (source), two (source) and three (source).

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[FIC] Solar System

My oh my, first fic in English D:

Ahem. This fic's about what happened while France and Germany were/are trying to fight this present crisis. Tons and tons of thanks to my dear berseker, who was the beta to all of this.

Título: Solar System
Pairings: I could say Francis/Ludwig and Arthur/Alfred, but being honest as I am, I have to admit is Francis/Arthur
Sumário: Glimpses of the crisis and a lot of angst

qu'y a de plus belle: un claire de Lune vu de la Terre... )

[Fanfic] A bunch of holiday fics

I participated in the holiday challenge exchange at hetachallenge and wrote several Christmas fics for various people. I still have two I need to write, but here are the ones I've got done so far.

Title: Holiday Cheer
Author/Artist: vampirenaomi
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia/Liechtenstein, Germany/Italy, Prussia/Romano, France
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: some language
Summary: Christmas stories. Individual summaries under the cut.

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