January 20th, 2012

Howl's Moving Castle

[Fanfiction] The Prince's Other Half [Ch. 7/?]

Title: The Prince's Other Half
Characters/Pairings: USUK, Seychelles, France->Everyone
Genre: Romance/Humor
Rating: T
Warnings: AU, France being France
Summary: Prince Alfred, with the help of his companion Arthur, has a month to bring home a bride so he can become king.  Will he succeed, or will the crazy monarchs he meets on his journey thwart his quest for the throne?

Ch. 1 - Once Upon a Time
Ch. 7 - Fortune's Fool

[RP ad] Axis Plurk Hetalia (A Plurk RP)

Axis Plurk Hetalia

Simply put, this is just an easy, laid-back canon RP. It takes place in modern day, with the characters simply as the countries that we know and love. You can create all the drama you'd like between the characters and there's a lot of fun waiting simply by paying attention to the news!

In order to spice things up, we will have monthly events. Something that you can RP, but only if you want to! It isn't required to participate, but it sure would be a lot of fun to see people RPing with each other!

Currently, our members are requesting the following characters that are open: America, Latvia, Estonia, Austria, Seborga, Hungary, Russia, Micronations, and Asians. We look forward to playing with you!

Character List | Application | Rules
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More icons!

Hope I'm not spamming... (o v o ;) 

Here are some more icons that I made; this time, they're all animated, and all from the anime.

Here they are: http://shareq.livejournal.com/3107.html

5 Shops Group Order/Doujinshi&Misc Sales

Came back with new items :D

Anime/Manga Posters


Currently running a Group Order on 5 Shops!

Due Dates: January 19th and 29th!




Again, anybody who participated in previous group orders will be getting a 10% discount on the commission fees :)

I'm doing 2 parts for this group order so the 1st part will be due January 19th and the 2nd part will be due 29th :) This will give you more time to gather money or order you doujinshis faster :)

You may ask to order items faster because of the stock limit, but then you'll have to pay for the full shipping price for each shops.
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[Pimping] APHKingdoms

Repimping... aphkingdoms!

Welcome to the Kingdom of Colors, a land community founded on four kingdoms based in the land of Hetalia. These kingdoms are the lands of Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs.

Together, these kingdoms exist in a state of harmony with friendly competitions between them for the monthly honor of holding the Kingdom of Colors Cup. The points towards earning the cup are gained by Hetalia-related fandom activities in fanfiction writing, fanart, icon and graphic making, doujinshi scanning and trivia competitions. Right now we are looking for more members to reinvigorate the community for the new year and for the beginning of our third cycle. Any member of the Hetalia fandom is welcome and encouraged to join!

If you would like to join our fun-loving kingdoms, please visit the Mystics of the Four Kingdoms and let them discern your native kingdom. Once given your home kingdom, you will be sent a letter inviting you to that home and you will begin to earn points for that kingdom.

Please consider joining and becoming a knight of the noble realms of Hetalia!

gilbo blushy
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Volunteers Requested for Hetalia-styled Family Feud Panel!

Hello! I'm looking for some help with a Family Feud panel I plan on doing at AnimeNext this upcoming June. What I'm really looking for are people to survey for the questions, so if you're at all interested in giving me a hand, it would be greatly appreciated. I'd love to have some Hetalia fans, just because the contestants will be characters from the series.

I'll be running the survey questions through this community so please join! Thank you so much!

Fic: Albion, She Said

Title: Albion, She Said
Author: Alistine
Info: A Hetalia/Doctor Who crossover
Rating: T - some adult concepts
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Friendship
Characters: England/UK, The Doctor (10th and 11th), cameo by colonial!America
Summary: For almost a thousand years, the Doctor has traveled the whole of space and time. And for all of that time, he has continuously returned to one place, one Nation: England.
Warnings: adult concepts, heavy thinking, slight allusion to malexmale sex


(apologies if formatting is off; I'm posting from my phone)


To FanFiction: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7754497/1/Albion_She_Said

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