January 30th, 2012

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[RP AD] Neo World Academy

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Neo World Academy is a High School AU based rp forum; the Hetalia cast, here being simply human,  attend the Neo World Academy. They live together in dorms shared by two people randomly put together. Classes are mandatory of course since it is High school; the teachers are around to ensure everyone follow the school's rules. The School is famous for welcoming people from all over the world, leading to the students discovering about other cultures.  

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[Fic] Personatalia

Title:  Personatalia
Author/Artist: appingo is the writer, while teastick of tumblr is the artist. 
Characters: (Main) North Italy, Prussia, Hungary, Germany, America, Japan, Austria, South Italy (Minor, Appearing in recent parts) Ancient Rome, Denmark
Rating: Currently planned to be PG-13 for swearing and suggestive content.
Warnings: Swearing, suggestive language, teenagers summoning weird creatures, a mishmash of mythology, and tarot readings.
Summary: A crossover of Axis Powers Hetalia and the Persona series (mainly Persona 4), Feliciano Vargas, along with his brother, Lovino, are sent to live with their Uncle for a year in America. Shortly after Feliciano's arrival, he awakens to the power of persona, while being wrapped up in the mysterious disappearances and murders of his classmates at the Raider-Waite International School. Personatalia is a fanfiction with illustrations, and reader-interactive content, in which the readers will have input on Feliciano's actions and how the story will play out.

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[RP ad] Hetatweet ☆ LJ to Twitter RP community


Welcome to  hetatweet, a Hetalia-centric RP community which combines Livejournal with Twitter in order to create a friendly, tight knit community in which we can combine roleplaying, and real time interaction between players.

Basically, all roleplaying is done on Twitter instead of Livejournal or a forum, and everything else (updates, introductions, applications, etc.) will be done on Livejournal. Twitter is a great way for people who have never rp'd before to get some experience as most of the replies tend to be short. If you've never used Twitter before, we're happy to help new players get used to the platform.

We've got a lots of spots that need to be filled. In particular, we're looking for a lot of characters
(especially Italy!)
and we even have some Axis, and a couple of allies available (the rest of the list is here and the application is here).

Currently we have a Valentine's masquerade ball coming up and we always welcome suggestions on future events that our members would like to see!  
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