February 13th, 2012

[Fic] To Tame a Viking: Chapter Nine

Title: To Tame a Viking: Chapter Nine
Author/Artist: Schizounicorn/AWildFangirlAppeared
Character(s) or Pairing(s): SuFin
Rating: Pg-13 for now. Will go up to R later.
Warnings: Violence, Adult themes (later), Swearing
Summary: A young photographer named Tino meets a handsome Viking named Berwald, who has been sealed away by a magic spell for centuries and awakened only recently. Stranger yet, Berwald seems to think Tino is his wife! And what are these mysterious dreams Tino is having?

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bloody smear

fic: Diplomacy, Greece, Turkey

Hi guys, a sort of part III to the other two fics I've already brought you! It may (or may not) finish up the little series I had going on. I hope you enjoy!

Title: Diplomacy
Author: me
Pairing: none, really, but there's always implicit Greece/Turkey
Rating: PG
Characters: Greece, Turkey, England, US, and S. Italy
Summary: At 7:30 in the morning, they could be sure of one thing; one person in the fighting pair across from them was going to die.

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PruAus war
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(Fic) Lazarus, 4/7

Or how Prussia attended his own funeral, and almost became half-decent whilst doing so.

Pairing: Prussia-centric, PruAus
Rating: T
Summary: Prussia dies, and attends his own funeral. Except that he doesn't die, and it's all hilarious. Really. De-anon from the Kink Meme.
Disclaimer: I do not own Axis Powers Hetalia, nor do I claim to. The following is a work of fiction.

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Stupid Austria, who had absolutely no idea how horribly, maddeningly, disgustingly in love with him Prussia was...
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Three Fics

Title: By The Pricking Of My Thumbs

Genre: Romance/Drama

Characters: England, America, Romano, Veneziano

Pairing(s): USUK

Word Count: 1,351

Rating/Warnings: 12, swearing

Summary: Charmed!AU. Arthur and his cousins, Lovino and Feliciano, fight demons and save innocences as part of their inheritance. It's too bad that it clashes with their life outside of magic so much. Done for the 'worlds beyond' prompt of Sweethearts week.

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Title: Blood Isn't Everything

Genre: Romance/Drama/Hurt/Comfort

Characters: England, America, OC!Ireland, OC!Fem!Ireland, OC!Scotland, OC!Wales, Sealand, France, Romano, Veneziano, Spain, Canada, OC!Sicily, Rome, Belarus, Germany

Pairing(s): USUK, France/Canada, Spain/Romano, Germany/Veneziano, Belarus/Russia, Russia/one of the Baltics (unspecified), past mentioned England/China, England/India, England/Spain.

Word Count: 3,683

Rating/Warnings: 12, swearing

Summary: Done for the 'worlds beyond' prompt of Sweethearts week. Arthur's rich family dislike Alfred and one weekend they take this too far. Arthur is not happy and make sure they know it. Inspired by a 'Malcolm In The Middle' episode. AU

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Title: Beyond The Normal

Genre: Romance/Drama/Hurt/Comfort/Anst

Characters: England, America, France, Canada, Monaco, Sealand, Liechtenstein, Latvia

Pairing(s): USUK, hinted France/Canada

Word Count: 3,461

Rating/Warnings: 12, mentions of torture and imprisonment

Summary: Done for the 'worlds beyond' prompt of Sweethearts week. Airship, slightly steampunk AU. Alfred and Arthur are on opposite sides but are used to meeting up. When the police interfere, their meeting quickly turns bad. It's up to outside help to get them out.

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