February 15th, 2012

Hufflepuff Squirrel

Two Fics

Title: Two Hearts Between Them

Genre: Romance/Anst

Characters: America (with England mentioned)

Pairing(s): (apparently onesided) USUK

Word Count: 1,028

Rating/Warnings: 12

Summary: Done for the 'Valentine's Day' prompt for Sweethearts week. America tackles the storage cupboard again and finds something unexpected.

America had carried that around as if it was nothing. )


Title: Cupid's Arrow

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Characters: America, England, Japan, Russia, Cupid

Pairing(s): USUK, fake Japan/America and fake England/Russia

Word Count: 1,858

Rating/Warnings: 12/15, mentions of love drugs, drugged up nations and the potential for non-con, a non-con kiss, slightly cracky and rushed

Summary: Cupid is bored right before Valentine's Day and he does something to the nations. For once, he leaves England and America alone but they still have to deal with the consequences. Is a loose-ish sequel to 'Fool In Love' but can stand alone. Done for the 'Valentine's Day' prompt for Sweethearts week.

Cupid stuck out his tongue. )

★Selling some Hetalia doujinshis- Updated 15/02!

Hi! i'm selling some hetalia doujinshis!
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i'm sorry if you keep seeing this >.<;;