February 16th, 2012

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Help finding an old post?

So I don't know who else remembers this,
but ages ago somebody posted with the announcement that England's tea cup set was going to be released soon.

This thing, for reference:

Does anybody remember where that post is? I'm really interested in seeing whether there was some sort of advertisement picture, or anything. There was another item or two in the post, as well, so I'm really looking for the whole page rather than any help with just the tea cup.

All I can tell is it would've had to have been before December 2009. If anyone knows where the post is, or even just who posted it, or what date, or even just what month, that would be really appreciated~
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[RP ad] Hetalia Art!Verse Roleplay now seeking new characters!

The APH Art!Verse roleplay on MSN is a Human AU Hetalia roleplay where the characters of various backgrounds come to an art centre to practice their art. That Art Centre, called the "Art Centrum" is situated in New-York and offers a variety of services. It is separated in two parts, the public and artist part. The public part contain an art gallery that displays various expositions throughout the year, an small auditorium and a small cafe/restaurant.  The artist part of the centre is the biggest one, taking place on multiple floors. 

Those who come to the Art Centrum seek to perfection a form of art that they are practising. They may be young artists starting, or about to, their studies at a University in their preferred art field, that then come to the Art Centrum to learn from others and explore their personal preferences; or perhaps they are young professionals, just freshly out of school and now wanting to make their place; or even, more experienced artists, in the height of their career, but always ready to help the younger generation and wanting to share their knowledge. 

Dance, film making, visual art, music, illustration, media art, those all have a place in the Art Centrum.  

Character List ~*~ Intro Post ~*~ How to Join

Almost all characters are available! 
Jiang Cheng

[Fic] E is for Exceptional

Title: E is for Exceptional
Author/Artist: Artemis
Character(s) or Pairing(s): China/America
Rating: PG
Warnings: Contemporary politics, I guess?
Summary: China trolls America with a fake "leaked" Chinese cable. America panics.
Notes: Hetalia kink meme fill for the prompt China, America - trolling diplomacy. China trolls America. Predictably, America panics xD

You think I’m lazy and unexceptional and… and… and… you’re making fun of my cell phone reception!
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[News] HetaCast: the Hetalia Podcast!

This is HetaCast, the Hetalia Podcast! Hosted by fans just like you from across the world, we're here to talk about Hetalia, and especially the fandom that makes Hetalia an amazing community to belong to!

For those unaware, a podcast is sort of like a radio show, only it's not broadcast across radio waves, it's online. You can usually download and listen to a podcast episode later. We're doing something a little different than many podcasts - we're livestreaming each episode! We'll be making it available to download soon after each episode airs.

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