February 17th, 2012


[Fanfiction] BIPOLAR

Author: [info]alexdelarge113 & [info]hotbabysitter
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain/Romano, USUK, and Germany/Italy
Rating: M
Warnings: Very, very foul language. Human Names, College!AU
Summary: Bipolar Disorder - a disorder marked by alternating or intermixed periods of mania and depression.
Of all the things in his life he’d never wanted - a younger brother better than him, a murderous family, an attractive idiot sitting behind him in psych class - the thing Lovino Vargas had wanted the least was to be psychoanalyzed by the attractive idiot and his two equally thick friends over the course of his semester from Hell.
Notes: This was suppose to be a one man band but [info]hotbabysitter is so awesome that I can't just call her my beta reader but my co-author. This is our attempt at a comedy.

Chapter 1

Comic Birz March 2012

Well, unfortunately there was no manga in this month's issue. There were a couple other things though...

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Also, again I'm trying to make up for some of the cost of purchasing Comic Birz. Though this one I managed to get for $25 as opposed to the last one being $50, that's still a good chunk of money. I'd like to continue purchasing the magazine, so I've put up a new sales post with a handful of Hetalia items, Hetalia doujinshi, and some miscellaneous games and manga for cheap. Proceeds from the sale will go into covering this month's Birz and future issues. Please stop by and take a look. Thank you. ;w;

My Sales Post

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[Fic] Personatalia

Title:  Personatalia
Author/Artist: appingo is the writer, while teastick of tumblr is the artist. 
Characters: (Main) North Italy, Prussia, Hungary, Germany, America, Japan, Austria, South Italy (Minor, Appearing in recent parts) Ancient Rome, Liechtenstein
Rating: Currently planned to be PG-13 for swearing and suggestive content.
Warnings: Swearing, suggestive language, teenagers summoning weird creatures, a mishmash of mythology, and tarot readings.
Summary: A crossover of Axis Powers Hetalia and the Persona series (mainly Persona 4), Feliciano Vargas, along with his brother, Lovino, are sent to live with their Uncle for a year in America. Shortly after Feliciano's arrival, he awakens to the power of persona, while being wrapped up in the mysterious disappearances and murders of his classmates at the Raider-Waite International School. Personatalia is a fanfiction with illustrations, and reader-interactive content, in which the readers will have input on Feliciano's actions and how the story will play out.

(Fake cut to the tumblr, where Personatalia is and will be posted)

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