February 18th, 2012

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[News] Nekotalia Mascots

The DVD-exclusive Japan and England Nekotalia plushies (from back in, when, July or August?) should finally be out by March or so. People who bought volumes 5 through 8 of World Series and sent in an order form, or something of the sort, are getting them mailed out to them "late February".
;u; So anybody who's been hoping for another chance at England or anything, it's mostly a heads up to start checking your favourite auction sites.

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Commission Sale

Hey guys! I'm taking commissions again, and since I'm really trying to earn some money right now I slashed my prices on full color commissions, so now you can get two characters (your favorite pairing!) in full color for just $6!. It would probably look something like this or this. You can view my full commission info here. ;)
「Spamano」Keep breathing; Hold onto me.

[Fanfic] How To Tame Your Tomato [1/?]

Title: How To Tame Your Tomato
Parings: SpainRomano with suggested FrUK and PrussiaAustria.
Rating: M (this requires a bit of clarification- this story isn't planned to be graphic. It's about Spain and Romano using S&M as a medium to become more comfortable with each other.)
Genre: Humor/Romance
Warnings: Comedic use of handcuffs.
Summary: Prussia and France, shocked that Spain hasn't moved to the next step with Romano, decide to help the two out by giving them two "bags of fun". The contents embarrass Spain, but piques Romano's curiosity. What could possibly go wrong?

Hetalia items for sale

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