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HI! Sorry about linking several posts. I've always been really shy to post here, but confidence rating: UP.

Set One - Includes Greece (main theme), Japan, Hungary, and Egypt. Other canons: professor layton, naruto, and one piece
Set two - Exclusively Greece. other canons: layton, naruto, and homestuck

Set three - Includes America (main theme), Greece (one) Other canons: Naruto, professor layton, one piece, and x-men: new mutants

all posted at my icon community [community profile] anonanimal

There are also some old posts I don't think I ever posted from withfireandiron. If you disregard my failure to divide those are some for Germania, Germany, GerIta, Greece, Sweden, Finland, SuFin, and like one of Denmark and Japan each. It could be a repeat post though...

Group Order/Sales

New Items were added :D
I'm willing to negotiate if purchasing multiple items!

Buy 2 and get 3rd item 50% off!(Applied to doujinshis only)

Doujinshi - USxUK, Akuyuu, UKxSpain, Nyotalia
Merchandise/Misc/DVD - Strap, Keychain, Bookmarks, Limited Items are included as well!
Anime/Manga Posters



I am also hosting a new group order for Toranoana/K-Books/Livret/Amazon/Animate!
The deadline for this group order is February 28th EST!(Tomorrow!!)
Check them out as well if you want to get your own items that nobody is selling on LJ!


If you have previously participated in my group orders, you will be getting a 10% discount on your commission fees!

[fic] you are my sunshine (1/1)

Title: you are my sunshine
Author/Artist: sherry_doll
Characters/Pairings: Spamano, nothing else, really.
Rating: M
Warnings: Cursing, light squick at the focus of teen!Roma/adult!Spain romance, angst and badly written smuttish scenes. Also, Too Much France and mildly OOC!Antonio.
Summary: You'll never know, dear, how much I love you - please don't take my sunshine away. AU, teen!Roma/adult!Spain. Age is just a number.

ALSO, JUST A QUICK NOTICE: I'll be participating in the World's Greatest Shave and going bald on March 15th! Please donate to the cause, it'll really help. ;w; My page is here. If you can't donate please do at least spread the word! Every little bit counts towards finding a cure for leukaemia and supporting those with the disease.

( and oh, he wants to keep this happiness in his skies of grey forever. )
「ヘタィア || カナダ」DERISHUS
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LOLOCRACY - a Hetalia AU roleplay

Welcome to Liberty, USA, the little world inside a big city. Liberty has it all: the diversity, the culture, the style... And it's like no place on earth because its population is made up of real-life incarnations of nations from around the world.

LOLOCRACY! is an Axis Powers Hetalia roleplaying game... with a twist! It's focused on the modern lives of the nations as 100% plain ol' human beings: your average people that work hard and play hard. People who find themselves in the midst of a series of sometimes unfortunate (though who benefits is the real question here) and usually hilarious events that never fail to shake things up.

We are currently looking for: N.Italy, China, Germany, France, Denmark, Finland, Sealand, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, South Korea, Cuba, Seychelles, Australia, Roman Empire, Prussia, Germania, Taiwan, India, Wy and many more!

OCs are welcome!


  Hello all! One of the mods speaking and I just wanted to add a tiny note here. We've recently had a ton of drops and are currently in the middle of sprucing up the community but we can't do this when so many slots are currently open! We're a pretty easy going bunch and this is more or less a rather casual rp community that's currently a few months shy of its third year. We really enjoy meeting new faces so, please, feel free to join! Sometimes we even spice things up with week long AU events (past events have consisted of the following: a murder game, Hogwarts AU, steampunk, and genderbend week), post up community memes, or come up with smaller events to fit in with the in-verse timelime. So, seriously, feel free to place a hold or even drop us a line if you're curious!  

A Hong Kong based Fic

Title: The Exception to the Rule
Genre: Family/ Angst
Pairing(s): None
Rating: PG-13/T overall
Warnings: Drug use, adult themes, dark history

Summary: To all others, the United Kingdom is not the greatest parental figure, with America growing up the way he is and all. There is one small ex-colony who dares to differ, if only in his mind. The Flagant Harbor remembers everything about his time with the ex Empire and how it changed him. All the way from the moment he met the Brit to the last glance at those Emerald eyes at the Hand-over ceremony. A Hong Kong-based story. POV may vary.http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7878486/2/The_Exception_that_Proves_the_Rule
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[Selling] Doujinshi

Hey guys. I made it back to Japan again lately, so I've got a whole bunch more doujinshi for sale. The pairings I have include:
  • USUK
  • GerIta
  • Spamano
  • SuFin
  • LeitPol
  • HRExChibitalia
  • FrUK
  • SpainBel
  • Kid!PrussiaxKid!Hungary
  • SwitzAus
  • PruAus
  • Gen
  • Some official items

I accept Paypal only and will be shipping from the US. I am willing to ship internationally. Just tell me how many doujinshi you're interested in and your country and I'll give you a shipping quote. Orders will be shipped when I receive payment. You can view my seller's feedback here. Sample scans are available upon request.
More info at my journal (WARNING: Image heavy!)