February 28th, 2012

boss and roma

[Fancomic] The Goldman

Title: The Goldman
Artist: sobdasha
Pages: 6 + bonus
Characters: Spain, S. Italy
Pairings: nothing romantic
Rating: PG (for language on the bonus page)
Warnings: it's probably really more like a series of quick illustrations than a coherent story also unrepentant sap
Summary: (I was trying to read the Wizard of Oz books for the first time in my life and then somehow this happened) Spain is an empire built from gold. But what he could really use is a heart.

Collapse )

[fanart] sun of a gun + cappuccino, plz

Title: sun of a gun
Artist: sherry_doll
Characters/Pairings/: Spamano.
Rating/Warning: Okay, so they're both shirtless. But nothing too explicit, I think.
Summary: The only reason why it's called that is because that's the song I was listening to when I drew it. I:

( shut up i'm bad at naming things okay )

Title: cappuccino, please
Artist: sherry_doll
Characters/Pairings/: Spamano
Rating/Warning: ROMA YOU SULTRY THING Y U LOOK LIKE A GURL and why is Spain's hand up your shirt oh my
Summary: Happy late Valentines' day, everyone! |D

( por favor, mi amor )