March 1st, 2012

Nekomimi - <3

Quick Opinion Post

So. It's slow going, but the Merchandise wiki is starting to make some good progress. And while that's the case, I figure that's the best time to find out what people actually want to see on it, too.

At the moment, pages consist of the absolute basics. Item name, Release date, Company, Retail and second-hand values, and small descriptions of the appearance and included characters. The pages also include at least one piece of official stock, as well as a "User Photos" gallery, and an external links list to help in purchasing when possible.

Are there any things at all that people would want more in-depth information about?
I'm already considering a change to the gallery that allows non-user photos. There are character-specific pages fully planned for once the wiki contains every item.
There just aren't enough ideas I can come up with to expand on what's written for each item.

Any help would be appreciated. ;u;

I'll cross post to hetalia_sell when my sales aren't still on the main page over there.

[PruLiech fanfic] Unicorns would be less surprising, 3/5

Title: Unicorns would be less surprising (3/5)
Author/Artist: Me
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Prussia/Liechtenstein, mentions of Switzerland and others.
Rating: PG 13, I think.
Warnings: I don't think there's anything.
Summary: Another 50 moments in Prussia and Liechtenstein's relationship. Which ones happened or not is up to your imagination.
- Written for This is the third theme set I do with the same pairing. If you'd like to read the previous ones, the links are at the end of this story in my journal.
- Un-betaed.

Link to my journal
it's not shyness

The New Girl

I hope I'm not posting this in the wrong place, but my name's bushidogirl, and I found out about Hetalia this summer and I fell in love with it.

It's one of those stories where you love the whole ensemble!

I've been watching this community for a long time, so I finally decided to join it.

I write plays, so if any of you are interested in having a play written for a cosplay event or whatever, I'll do it.

Nice to meet you all! Ve~~