March 7th, 2012

Meltdown Rin

Floating Away With You {crossover fanart}

Hello again~!

Title: Floating Away With You
Artist: naturethezafara | Me
Pairing: Greece/fem!Japan
Rating: Safe, I guess?
Warnings: Um, someone looks like they're bleeding? Oh, and spoilers for The Path.
Summary: A crossover with indie video game The Path, with fem!Japan as Rose and Greece as the Cloud Wolf.

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[Selling]Hetalia Doujinshi and Official Passport Keychains!

Hello! I am selling Hetalia doujins and a few official Hetalia Passport Keychains!

Doujin Circles: a.g.p, Otituke!, 103, Hakka Pink, Nighthawk, etc.
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