March 20th, 2012



Clearing out a bunch of things in my journal!
Added some new doujinshi, and some things from other fandoms!

Also, check out Himaruya's updates on Chibi-san Date from the previous two months! Last month's has a tutorial on how Himaruya colours, and the first fifty questions of the hundred he answered.
england green/magenta

Fic: A Small Town in Southern Italy (Ensemble) PG-13

Author: [info]hyperemmalawlz 
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Chapter: 1/?
Characters/Pairing: Ensemble. Pairings shall include: Germany/Italy, Spain/Romano, Austria/Hungary, Austria/Switzerland, Prussia/Hungary, America/Fem!England, Sweden/Finland, and possibly more to come.
Word Count: 1255
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Mafia AU. Feliciano Vargas, a young businessman with wealthy adoptive parents, receives a letter from the man who raised him in an orphanage. It calls on him to return to his hometown, as the man is in trouble. So, as it turns out, are many people.
Warnings: The Mafia. Swearing, violence. Themes such as character death, blackmail/extortion, prostitution will surface later.
Author's Notes: Giant Mafia AU that will go on awhile. Characters will be referred to by human names; where these names are non-canon, I shall identify who they refer in the author's notes. Also, the translation convention is in effect - assume they are speaking Italian, except when I say otherwise. Okay, off we go...!

Chapter 1: A Letter