March 30th, 2012

Native babies [APH]

[Fanfic] Beloved [USUK]

Title: Beloved
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: character death; cardverse!AU
Characters/Pairings: America, England, China; USUK
Summary: The Queen of Spades is dead.
Notes: This is based on hakuku's cardverse AU on Tumblr. She's only posted a handful of drawings but they inspired me. You should all go look.

( May the souls of the burdened be no longer weary; may the souls of the suffering be no longer plagued. )


So at the moment I am in a desperate need of money, and since I love to cosplay I figured why not take commissions?
So if anyone would be interested please message me about it.
I have been. Cosplaying for a year now and I’ve made around 12 costumes in that time. 
Some examples

And in case you want to see more [Here]

I’m not expensive, as far as I know. For a complete uniform (Hetalia) I ask €30,00 + materials and shipping costs. 
So please if anyone is curious or interested just message me. 

Interested in making our own games?

Originally posted by gisette at Interested in making our own games?
Hey, everyone.

I couldn't help but notice the magnitude of games produced by the Japanese fandom compared to the Western one, if any exist at all. I was lurking on one of the forums and the mention of a program known as RPG Maker that the J-fen has been allegedly using to create their fan-made RPGs cropped up. I found the website for it, and since I've got enough money saved up, and after I test it I'd like to then buy it and begin making games that the W-fen wants to see. I do have some experience creating 2D games so I figured that this wouldn't be too difficult for me to pick up. (I've bought RPG Maker VX Ace as of today.)

Basically, I want to create games that the Western Hetalia fandom wants to see. Besides making games, I have experience writing fanfiction as well as digital drawing. However, I was wondering if other people were interested in joining me in collaboration in current or future projects in whatever they specialize in and be a part of future projects.

I also thought it would be fun to host polls and have the community here help choose what kind of games you'd like to see, and vote on what you guys want in a game. I''m pretty excited since I know that we're all full of ideas to contribute. :)

If you want to get in touch, just PM me and I'll get back to you. :) 

Also, please note that all updates and most feedback between members will be staged in our new community,, which will be dedicated to current and future projects~ Please follow it if you have an account or are absolutely certain that you want to be part of the team!

I hope that we all can make awesomeness happen!

People (possibly) on board so far:


We'll keep adding people, and once this gains more momentum, I'll add more people here as well as start posting on Tumblr detailing the progress. There will be credits at the end of the game, so if you want to be immortalized in a game, join us! :D

A question about the Travelling Book series

On Gentosha Hetalia page,at the bottom of Germany's Travelling Book,it said
"ドイツによく来たな。とりあえず乾杯だ!! これ1冊でドイツ旅行気分が味わえる!?

And I use Google to translate,Google said that this Germany book will be the last title of Travelling series.
I hope in the summer they will release Russia+Austria but look at this new makes me sad >"<

Can anyone with good Japanese translate this news,please? Thanks a lot
Sr for my bad English