April 2nd, 2012



Hiya! I'm selling Hetalia-related items over at my journal, most of which comprises of doujinshi and official books and things, along with a bunch of other fandom stuffers! Some of the prices have been lowered, but I'm always open to people making offers for anything if they feel too steep!

Thank you, have a nice day!

[Selling Post] America Cosplay

Thanks to uncontrollable circumstances, I'm having to sell my America cosplay. If anyone is interested, my main selling post is over on my tumblr at http://ibelieveineridanampora.tumblr.com/post/20358268851/okay-guys-i-would-really-appreciate-if-you-could. I'm also going to post it over here under a cut. If you could, send any messages over to my tumblr, because I really don't check my livejournal all that much anymore.

Okay guys, I would really appreciate if you could signal boost this for me!

Thanks to uncontrollable issues, I’m having to sell some stuff  to get money to help get my car into a shop and have gas money before I have to move back to Pennsylvania. 

So I’m selling my entire America cosplay (sans the boots and wig). That includes the pants, belt, jacket, shirt, bomber jacket, and if you want them, the gloves. The cosplay is made for someone of shorter, wider stature, since it was tailored to my height and weight, so this would be a good fit for anyone under 5’2 and over 140 pounds. 

I’m selling the cosplay for $140 since I’ve really only worn this cosplay to two conventions and barely worn it in between. It’s in great condition! 

I’m really hoping my beloved cosplay can find a good home, since all it does is hang in my closet since I don’t have very much time to do serious cosplay anymore. If you’re interested, message me! 


[Fanfic] It's a Puzzlement

Title: It's a Puzzlement
Author: sobdasha
Rating: PG-15 (for non-graphic bedroom activities)
Characters Germany, N. Italy
Pairings: Germany/N. Italy
Warnings: fic that is too long for a literal drabble and too short for anything else; also, silliness
Words: 140
Summary: These things just happen to Germany and Veneziano in bed, somehow.

Follow the fake cut to my writing journal or read at FFnet if you prefer:

( "Germany," Veneziano says suddenly, his lips brushing Germany's sternum in the way that always makes his skin tingle. )

Fanfic-Kitty Comfort

Title: Kitty Comfort
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Pairing(s)/Characters: Alfred(America)/Arthur(Britain)
Rating: PG
Warning: AU, a few curse words, and some angst
Summary: 'Not too long after Alfred saved Arthur, the bewitched man makes some discoveries about his rescuer.'
Notes: Companion fic to Anniversary and Care and Upkeep of Cats. I swear to god, the sequel is started and will arrive one day. I just to do this first... and a dozen other things. Beta-read by the awesome hotbabysitter.

“You know, you can be a real sweetheart when you want to be.”

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