April 7th, 2012


[Ad] The Hetalia Fandom Family Community

During the course of this year Christmas event, many members of the Event comm grew close and decided to create their own community, where they could get together, even if there is no event going on!

The Hetalia Fandomly comm is for Hetalians to experience a community-based atmosphere,
to hang out without necessarily needing an event to bring us all to one place.
We're not just a fandom; we're a fandom family, a Fandomly!

Here, we can talk about Hetalia all we want, but we can also talk about
ourselves, we can talk about our other favourite series, we can picspam, we
can talk about anything we feel like talking about. Everything that we share
about ourselves and our favourite things only brings us closer together!

The Hetalia Fandomly comm will be the host of the upcoming Fan Event!
Be sure to look out for it!
And feel free to come and join us!
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Looking for new forum members!

Ever had a problem of deciding if you want to be a wizard, a sky pirate or perhaps a loyal knight? Well, look no further! Now you can have it all and more!

A Hetalia RP forum, Pink Mochi, is looking for new members! We focus on AUs, with not only one but a few themes going on so that people can join in the one that fits them the most or maybe even both because why not~ At the moment, we have a Steampunk Universe and a Harry Potter Universe open for everyone to take part in.

We accept both canon characters and OCs (as in, countries that exist/existed but are not portrayed by the author), just keep in mind to have your OC properly structured, with looks an personality based on history of the country (so that we wont end up with such situations like... Northern Ireland being of Asian descent and absolutely hating the colour green.)

As for requirements, you must register and post your character introduction (the guidelines for it as well as the sample can be found on the forums) and, when you're accepted and read the rules, you have to be active at least once a week. We cant really have members who start a thread and then take months to respond. You can take it easy since those are forums but you must be regularly active. Seriously, I can't stress that enough, we had quite a few people join up and then break contact after just few posts, basically giving the middle finger to everyone who become engaged in their topics.

We're quite a friendly bunch so everyone is welcome, no experience required! Come, new members, let me embrace you with my strong arms and press against my firm, forum bosom~

Hetalia Fan Event

We're holding a Fan Event, which has just started a few minutes ago!

Please check the FAQ here for details on where we're posting updates and how this is happening:

Also, if you'd like to spazz and spam with us, please join us at the Fan Event threads in the fandomly comm! http://hetaliafandomly.livejournal.com/

Thank you for your time! We hope you enjoy our hard work! :D
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[Reminder/Linking] Hetalia Wiki on Wikinet & Tumblr + APH Tumblr Index

In case some of you of have missed the memo, the Hetalia Wiki is now at Wikinet/Wikki and has been since November 2011. I'm leaving this message because some of you are still using our old Wikia location while others are still trying to latch onto our old ShoutWiki link. If you could, please change your bookmarks if you have us linked on your site, blog or whatever page you have. tarafishes has kindly updated our link on the community sidebar so please come and check us out!

Still on the topic of the wiki, we've had a Tumblr page in operation since late January as a replacement for our Twitter feed. There you can find all the latest updates on the wiki as well as official news on the series. Every Saturday I post a recap on both the official and wiki news that took place that week. If you're looking for another place to find official news, please check us out!

Something that's unique to the blog, we started a Tumblr Index a few weeks ago. Many of the previous ones were out of date and were no longer being updated so I decided to take on the task of creating a new one. The index updated weekly and I post a recap of the newest additions and removals every Sunday. There's a rule that blogs get removed after two months of inactivity so you can guarantee all of the blogs listed are active. I hope the list will be beneficial to you all! If the mods want to have it linked somewhere in the community, by all means go for it! You can check out the index here! If there are any blogs missing from the index, drop me line through the blog's ask box or post a comment in this post.