April 13th, 2012


Zombietalia - Tumblr RP Ring

Welcome to Copenhagen, Denmark.

This year an emergency World Meeting was convened after reports of a strange virus appearing in a small village on the coast of Norway resulting in the village being bombed. Unable to come up with a solution for the problem in the morning session the nations decided to break for lunch, and ventured out into the city.

In the blink of an eye the peaceful streets of Copenhagen were transformed into a warzone as zombies fill the streets, and humans and nations alike are forced to fight, kill and loot to survive on the zombie-infested streets.

Can you survive this soon to be global catastrophe?

Zombietalia is a nationverse AU RP that's recently opened on tumblr, and there are a lot of canon character spots still available! You can also choose to play as a survivor or an infected nation.

Characters our members would especially like to see join us are: Sweden, Cuba, Seychelles, Japan, Belgium, Ukraine, Lithuania, Austria, Wy, Sealand, and Greece!

Plot | Character List | Rules | Application | Questions/Reserves
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[MOD POST] Regarding aph_request

Hello, me again! mad_kitty12 brought up a good point to me just a little while ago--aph_request, an extension of this community, was made and run by the original mod for this place. However, as you all know, we haven't exactly heard from her recently and from my knowledge no one's been able to contact her?

Regardless, the fact still remains that APH Request is, as it's technically part of this community, an extension of the Hetalia main English comm. Because the original mod, youkofujima is MIA, we may as well declare ourselves responsible for it? Or, me and the other mods, I mean, however I've yet to bring this up with them.

However, because I'd prefer a re-centeralization of the community(as I don't see why we need to split every tiny little thing into subsects when everything could be done here,) I request that any inquiries that would normally go to aph_request be brought to the main community, instead, and aph_request considered closed until further notice(aka, when we hear from youkofujima!)

If anyone else has any problems, feel free to contact me somehow, especially through my journal! I'm on just about all the time and, if I'm not on at the time you make an inquiry, I'll get to it as soon as I can.

And, yes, I will also make an (unofficial-ish) mod post for those at aph_request just in case they aren't all here as well!
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Fic: A Small Town in Southern Italy (Ensemble) PG-13 (2/?)

Author: [info]hyperemmalawlz 
Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
Chapter: 2/?
Characters/Pairing: Ensemble. Pairings shall include: Germany/Italy, Spain/Romano, Austria/Hungary, Austria/Switzerland, Prussia/Hungary, America/Fem!England, Sweden/Finland, and possibly more to come.
Word Count: 1825
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Mafia AU. Feliciano Vargas, a young businessman with wealthy adoptive parents, receives a letter from the man who raised him in an orphanage. It calls on him to return to his hometown, as the man is in trouble. So, as it turns out, are many people.
Warnings: The Mafia. Swearing, violence. Themes such as character death, blackmail/extortion, prostitution will surface later.
Author's Notes: Giant Mafia AU that will go on awhile. Characters will be referred to by human names; where these names are non-canon, I shall identify who they refer in the author's notes. Also, the translation convention is in effect - assume they are speaking Italian, except when I say otherwise. For this chapter, Ano (Emiliano) = Ladonia, Mel (Melania) = Wy.

Chapter 2: Enter the Clowns

Doujinshi&Misc Sales

Doujinshis are currently have the deal of Buy 2 and Get 3rd 50% off! (3rd item must be $15 or lower though)
Russia x Prussia Anthology has been added to the sales list once more.

I might accept negotiations for purchases of more than 1 item and depending on what item
Trades accepted for only Prussia or UK items.

4/10/12- Prices have dropped for few doujinshis!

Sales page ends May 9th! Less than 1 month! 

Doujinshi - USxUK, Akuyuu, UKxSpain, Russia x Prussia, etc
Merchandise/Misc/DVD - Strap, Keychain, Bookmarks, Limited Items are included as well!
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Age of the Steam Pirate - An Alternate History

Age of the Steam Pirate
The world nearly ended with the last World War - empires had fallen, monarchies had collapsed, some countries had nearly disappeared, and, to the shock of all humans in the know... nearly all the Nations had died. Warnings had been left behind as the last time the world lost it's personified nations it brought about a Dark Age so long that it set back human development hundreds of years. Terrified by what had happened, the leaders of the world called a ceasefire - a brief era of peace that the world hadn't experienced in all it's history.

And that was when the Nations began to re-incarnate. A few were found by their governments early on and taken in so they would be raised properly - a race began in every country to find the child that represented them. As these children grew, the technological growth was massive and, suddenly, ships could be found flying through the air and weaponry, medicine, transportation, housing and all forms of entertainment were entirely different than they were even ten years prior. There were even cities in the sky!

The world as a whole rejoiced - they were recovering and amidst the baby boom the rest of the Nations were born.
Then the world screamed with fear as a new generation of Pirates was born. Caught off guard, there was no way to defend against the new terror - the ships on the sea were at the mercy of a pirates guild so old and well hidden that any naval force could not resist them and the skies were raining merchant debris as a new generation of pirates began to terrorize. The leaders of the world were at a loss on how to fight back... and when they turned around, those Nations that they had been searching for had all somehow been attracted to those Pirates and were parts of crews. People began to wonder if this was the Nations getting retribution for their deaths...

This is where your adventure begins - amongst the chaos and greed you pick your future. And, of course, the siren song of the Legendary Treasure remains whispered about around every corner.

Age of the Steam Pirate is a Hetalia based roleplay where most of the reincarnated nations are pirates - and where a fair few of them are fighting against them as members of various navies.  With pirating and steampunk galore, there is no end to the treasure, the dog fights, the looting and pillaging - and all the while, dark plots are abound in the background, waiting to spring and bring an end to all.

We are a mature rpg - meaning that sometimes we get a little to a lot descriptive with subjects some would find offensive. As such, while we don't put an age cap on the people who are allowed to role play, we do really want mature, literate people who agree to understand that sometimes there may be subjects they are uncomfortable with. Other than that, we're a fun group who enjoy pillage and plunder as much as the next person. As we very much appreciate longer posts and in depth writing, we call ourselves an english literate rp.

Feel free to stop by our chatbox on the side and ask any questions you may have! 

Anything you want to know before you take the plunge into the deeps?

Sale's post.

(hoping this is ok with rules! I did read them and found nothing against this.)

Just wanted to post that I'm selling some hetalia keychains, The Takara Tomy ones. :) First set complete on my ebay. I've seen this set being sold for some silly prices, So I tried to be reasonable! <3