April 16th, 2012

[Fanfiction] "If I Die Young" (Prussia x Holy Roman Empire)

Title: "If I Die Young"
Author: Fegele (me!)
Pairings\Characters (in this chapter): Prussia x Holy Roman Empire, Little!Germany, Austria, Hungary.
Rating: T (for now...)
Warnings: Past-Mpreg, Incest
Summary: "Bruder, why do you never talk about Holy Roman Empire?"
Before Germany, before the German Empire, Gilbert had a different little brother, the first Ludwig, the Holy Roman Empire.


"It was their goodbye kiss. "Ich liebe dich, Ludwig," Gilbert repeated staring at his love's face one last time, "auf Wiedersehen…" He closed the coffin. It was over."


RP: Professionalia!

You are a young profession in one of the big cities of the world. London? Paris? You name it.
You early in your blooming career, and are ready to take on the world.

Meet up with other hipster Hetalia characters as you travel the world for conventions, to visit friends, or just for the fun of it. Go to crazy parties. Hook up, break up, fall in love and start all over again. Drive your car, get into an accident, and live life to the fullest.

Do not try this at home.

In a real universe style RP, gather with other Hetalia characters as the form the best (and worse) friendships of their lives.

Send your character out into the world and help him or her grow into an adult. The underground is the playground of the youth, and your character is ready to play. Artists and musicians and pencil pushers alike are ready and willing to get to know your character at the latest party or art gallery. Coffee shops and book stores are a great place to meet up with your fellow hipsters. Build up your character's social life as he or she interacts with his or her peers. Above all else, have fun!

Long story short, this is an "our universe" RP, in which your Hetalia character will RP his or her way through realist romances and friendships. Certain events will change your character's course. This RP is largely based on the "hipster" lifestyle, fashion, and music. The plot is largley unmoderated, so feel free to sign up for some fun!