April 19th, 2012


The Book of Hoyle Act 1.11

Title: The Book of Hoyle
Pairings/Characters: USUK (main), GerIta, Spamano, SuFin, AusHun/ China, France, Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Japan, and many others
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Summary: In the world of Hoyle there are many tales, but none as strange as the Kingdom of Spades.
This chapter: Alfred's birthday ball starts something new

"I promise I will never leave you."

[Fanart] Hetalia Art History Series: Romano (Colored)

Title: Siesta
Author/Artist: Me!
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain/Romano
Rating: PG
Warnings: Now in color!
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Summary: Read this for a description of the project. Long explanation is long. Short version: Doing a fanart series featuring a country in an art movement relevant to their history. Since Romano's my favorite, I picked him first. This is the Italian Baroque pic, inspired by Caravaggio's work.

Italian Baroque

Next up will be Spain in the Spanish Baroque style, inspired by Velazquez. I thought it would be fun to do the Tomato Gang in their respective Baroque styles since each country was important to the art movement. For Netherlands, it will be Rembrandt. For Belgium, Rubens.
Each pic can feature other countries, but the country specific to the painting has to be prominent.
That's the rule I'm giving myself. :P