May 2nd, 2012

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Ahhh, my bank account is dying and so I'm thinking of parting with some of the Hetalia stuff I have. ;u; I'm basing my prices off eBay with a few adjustments, because I know everything there is way overpriced. Still, if you feel my asking prices are too high please feel free to make an offer! I just want these things to go to a home where they'll be appreciated.

Pictures on request (cellphone camera because I can't find my actual camera to save my life atm)

1. Sticker sheet that came with the ArteStella artbook. Perfect condition, never used, I've just kept it stored in a binder. - $10

2. Card deck + tin that came with the ArteStella artbook. Perfect condition, may still even have the cards in plastic... not 100%. I actually may have to dig this out of storage, but I know I have it. - $22 Thank you sindragosa!

3. Axis/Allies poster that came with the ArteStella artbook. Never used, stored in a binder so it's in perfect condition! - $10

4. Full set of the original trading cards including the 4 chibi cards of Italy/Germany/Japan/UK, and the specials of the Axis + Allies and Hungary. Also includes the two box insert cards. I'm not 100% on letting this go yet and I don't want to sell individual cards. I may sell the base set/specials in separate lots if I get enough people asking. xD I really have no idea what to ask for this, as I can't find a full set on eBay, so please feel free to make an offer!

Shipping is from Canada, and will depend on your location! I'm willing to ship anywhere as long as you are willing to pay the costs. :)

Thanks for looking! :3
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