May 3rd, 2012


Hi everybody,

I'm currently selling one doujinshi! Shipping is included in the price within the USA! If you're international, feel free to ask for a shipping quote. I accept Paypal as payment. I have other anime/manga/doujinshi/video games for sale to save on shipping costs if you're interested, feel free to PM me about it. Feel free to ask any additional questions! Thank you! > 3 < ~ <3


1万ヘルツのHerzschlag by 6109 (Germany/Prussia; B5/32 Pages; R18) $14


Doujinshi&Misc Sales

Doujinshis are currently have the deal of Buy 2 and Get 3rd 50% off! (3rd item must be $15 or lower though)
I might accept negotiations for purchases of more than 1 item and depending on what item
Trades accepted for only Prussia or UK items.

4/26/12- All Hetalia items are now 10% off if the total, without shipping, is above $10
5/2/12- Price drops for few items, mangas from vol.1~4, France&Russia Keychain and 1 USAxRussia doujinshi added

Sales page ends May 9th! Less than 1 month left! 

Doujinshi - USxUK, Akuyuu, UKxSpain, Russia x Prussia, Spain x Romano, All Character, etc
Merchandise/Misc - Strap, Keychain, Bookmarks, Limited Items are included as well!
Manga - vol.1~4 Japanese
Anime/Manga Posters

Bloo dance

APHP [A Harry Potter Hetalia Roleplay Crossover]

Welcome to Hogwarts University.

A literate crossover roleplay between Hetalia and Harry Potter, with a tiny twist~
Situated at Hogwarts University rather than the secondary school, the characters are generally 18 and older.

Already past the elementary/high school levels of education, the university offers the benefits of Hogwarts with fewer rules, such as no curfews. You may choose your classes depending on your plans for the future; what will your character be? An Auror? A star Quidditch player? That one guy that never leaves? You decide!

We'd also like to inform that we do keep the separate houses, and along with them, we have a House points system (with surprise events for the winners!), and we even hold Quidditch matches once in a while.

Rules ~ Setting ~ Character List ~ Application form

NOTE: Yes we are an older board, but we've had a restart and have many popular characters open! We're eager to roleplay so please come check us out!