May 13th, 2012

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[Fic] Un Bacio Per Ogni Cuore

Title: Un Bacio Per Ogni Cuore
Author: cutthroatpixie
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Romano/Fem!Romano/Spain/Fem!Spain, OC kids, OC parents, Nonno, tiny versions of all the OT4, some tiny Fem!Italy :3
Rating: PG
Warnings: Sometimes Zike tries to adorbs things and they end up a little melacholy haha, slight brief hint at minor character death
Summary: Each Mother's Day is different from all the others.

[fanfic] -- And The Fey Come Marching In

Title: And The Fey Come Marching In
Author: Kahlan Aisling
Characters/Pairings: Magic Trio (England, Romania, Norway). Pairings TBA.
Genre: Adventure/Supernatural
Rating: G at the moment, T in future chapters. Shouldn't get above that.
Warnings: None for this chapter.
Summary: First arc: Arthur and Lukas are trying to get their paranormal investigations business off the ground. Traian, a Romanian who continues to randomly show up, does not make things easy on them.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2: [AO3] [Fanfic] [Livejournal]

Italy Hetalia Feliciano

[FIC] About fatherhood

Title: About fatherhood
Rating: G, I guess.
Characters: Prussia, Romania, Germania, German states (no pairings)
Summary: Prussia is at Romania's place. While talking with him Gilbert starts to remind something about his own childhood and his father.

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[Fafiction-Update] "If I Die Young" (Prussia x Holy Roman Empire)

Title: "If I Die Young"
Pairings\Characters (in this chapter): Prussia x Holy Roman Empire, Little!Germany, Austria, Hungary.
Rating: T (for now...)
Warnings: Past-Mpreg, Incest
Summary: "Bruder, why do you never talk about Holy Roman Empire?"
Before Germany, before the German Empire, Gilbert had a different little brother, the first Ludwig, the Holy Roman Empire. Germany is their secret child.



"Come here…" The albino wrapped his arms around the younger one's body. Ludwig placed a kiss on his chest and then he rested his cheek over his heart, "don't stop to beat for me…" He muttered to the organ inside his lover's chest. Gilbert closed his eyes sinking his nose in the blond hair, "I miss you…"