May 23rd, 2012

France Nap

[Fic] The Waiting Game (3/4)

Title: The Waiting Game
Author: starrdust411
Rating: PG
Pairing: France/England
Warning: AU, Human Names, Slash
Summary: It isn't easy waiting for a baby, especially when you've been trying to adopt for nearly two years. (De-anon from the hetalia_kink meme.)

Part 1|Part 2

Part 3

( Yes, well it doesn't matter if it's 'wonderful,' 'fabulous,' 'quaint,' or 'kitschy,' we simply can't go )
DW: Suit!Porn

Last call for group order for Toranoana, K-books and Youclub

I might be closing the order for Toranoana on Thursday or Friday, so get those last orders in if interested.

Payment 1(Books + Commission fee):
1) Cost of doujinshi

200 yen per book between 1-20 pages - *if you order more than 10 books commission will drop to a flat 175 yen per book
250 yen per book between 21-100 pages
350 yen per book between 101-200 pages
450 yen per book between 201-300 pages
650 yen per book between 301-400 pages
401+ pages order by order case

Payment deadline is Saturday 26th!
MORE INFO HERE @ alex_sales

My feedback can be found HERE!

Still have a sales post up as well.
Pairings include: USUK, UK/US, US/UK/Japan, Netherlands/Japan, America/Japan, etc.

Doujins and stuff HERE @ alex_sales
astro (mj)

[FIC] A Dose of Tomato Soup

Title: A Dose of Tomato Soup
Author/Artist: [info]bobness1
Character(s) or Pairing(s): Spain/Romano
Rating: PG
Warnings: Romano's language.
Summary: The only time Romano ever listens to France is when it comes to Spain's well-being.

(It honestly had nothing to do with his personal feelings. Which he didn't have any of. Except for annoyance. Because that Spanish bastard was quite annoying.)