May 30th, 2012

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[News] Special Price DVD Box Sets

Double posting, but, seriously different topics, so I hope it's okay?

Animate has just announced four new items! "Special Price DVD Box" sets of the anime.

All are currently preorders, retailing at 8190 yen (about $110) each.
No box art has been released as of yet, but it looks like there's some mention of the earlier Animate-exclusive art sleeves?

In any case~
They'll be released one month at a time, on the following dates:
Axis Powers 1 (Ep 1-26) - September 26
Axis Powers 2 (Ep 27-52) - October 24
World Series 1 (Ep 1-24) - November 28
World Series 2 (Ep 25-48) - December 26

Currently, bonus content is mentioned on each page.
Bonus items, are, for the moment, non-existant.
It's currently unknown whether vocal CDs, art booklets, or clear cards will be re-released at all.

All four sets can be found in the top row of this page.

Full cast for Nordic drama CD revealed + Rome character song title announced.

So, other characters will be making appearances apart from the Nordics. 


Finland - Mizushima Takahiro (水島大宙)
Sweden - Sakai Keikou (酒井敬幸)
Denmark - Shimozaki Hiroshi (下崎紘史)
Norway - Iwasaki Masami (岩崎征実)
Iceland - Asakura Ayumu (浅倉歩)
Sealand - Orikasa Ai (折笠愛)
Wy - Komatsu Mikako (小松未可子)
Latvia - Tanaka Kokoro (たなかこころ)

Wy's voice actress has been in quite a few anime series recently, and has even released a solo single. 



The official site has been updated with the title for Grandpa Rome's character song.

The title is...
"Roma Antiqua" (Latin for Ancient Rome).

On the site, the song is described as "magnificent" and "cool". 

It will be released on June 15th and will be the final character song in this series.

America Aviator Wink

[Fanfiction] "For a Minute" and "Beneath the Branches"

I've been trying to get back into some historical voices...

Title: "For a Minute"
Author: shuriken7
Claim: America
Character(s): America/Canada
Word Count: 542
Rating: PG
Summary: War of 1812. Canada has gone to their special place to think about him. What does he want from him? What does America want back?

This was for them...

Title: "Beneath the Branches"
Author: shuriken7
Character(s): America/Canada + appearance by England
Word Count: 1068
Rating: PG
Summary: War of 1812. Canada wasn't expecting to find America there, and he certainly didn't expect what his body would want to do. An impromptu sequel to For a Minute.

It was unexpected and unanticipated...
APH England pervert face

Solus: a plotted AU roleplay

Three hundred years into a horrific and cruel future, there is only one. As global warming took hold, freak weather occurrences became constant and disease spread through the populations of the world. War savaged those who survived, and Nations dwindled, dying off one by one as their people died and their cultures merged.

The seas rose in a slow and steady tide, until there was only Solus. A single island in a turbulent ocean, battered by sea storms, high winds and frequent rain.

On this island gathered those who could, but society soon split dramatically: those who had it all, who maintained the fortunate lifestyle of the rich from the old world, and those who had to support those lucky few. The Highlanders and the Lowlanders. Living in a sheltered city, away from the furious ocean, those from the High Lands lived a luxurious lifestyle, while those who lived in the Low Land city were constantly battling the ocean winds and storms.

And above them all, in a sacred hall, lived the mysterious and powerful Solus, leading the people through a puppet government.

It was into this divided and battered environment that, one by one, the old Nations were reborn. Now mortal and aging, and with no memories of their past lives, they seemed no different to the people around them until, slowly but surely, they begin to remember…

Solus is a literate, plotted, alternate universe Hetalia roleplay, which is always open to new members. We encourage creativity and participation, and would love to see you soon!

Plot | Rules | Character List | Applications

In particular at the moment we're looking for Japan and Russia to complete the Allies and Axis, Iceland to complete the Nordics, Spain and Romano.  Other main characters still open include Prussia, Canada, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland.

[Fic] We Shall Never Surrender

Title: We shall never surrender
Author/Artist: [info]hihippy
Character(s) or Pairing(s): England, Churchill
Rating: K. 
Warnings:  WWII, blitz. Any Cat-haters?
Summary: Fill from the Kink Meme Prompt: In which a nation's boss isn't abusive or otherwise harmful, but genuinely cares for the personification of their nation as well as the country on the whole. Anon wants to see a nation feeling down - reasons up to anon, but can include war, relationship issues, economic issues, etc. - and having their boss give them a talking to meant to restore their faith and confidence.

("If it has taken this long for you to realise that, then I severely hope you know we're in the middle of a War and not a spot of bad weather.")